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Get a smooth silhouette with padded bras from Wacoal

Whether you’re on a search for your first bra or you’re a seasoned bra wearer, you should know that padded bras are an absolute lingerie must-have. These bras are lined with material (either cotton, Spandex, nylon or polyester) that not only gives breasts a fuller look but also prevents your nipples from showing through clothes.

Depending on whether you want sufficient coverage, full support or even a light boost to your breasts, Wacoal has padded bras for women in a full array of styles, colours and designs.  Padded bras are not just for people with smaller breasts, they are essential for those with fuller-breasts too. For smaller breasts, padded bras can create a visible cleavage, while bigger breasts can benefit from all the support.

As we mentioned earlier, women’s padded bras come in so many different designs that you’re spoilt for choice. Read on to understand which designs are suitable to your needs:

Padded full coverage bra: As the name suggests, this design will give you maximum coverage, and by default, the support you need. You also have the option to go for a wired padded full coverage or a non-wired one. But if you’re looking for medium coverage or a lower cut, check out Wacoal’s collection of ladies’ padded bras in stores and online.

Padded sports bra: Sports bras are a necessity, especially when you are going to partake in a strenuous activity or a contact sport. Most padded sports bras come with the option of taking out the foam padding when required. Additionally, they also come in sweat absorbent and stretchy, breathable fabric.

Padded push-up bra: Now these are no regular padded bras, they have an additional layer of material to push your breasts upwards and from the sides to create a sexy, flattering cleavage. Wear them with low cut necklines or even under saree blouses for the desired effect.

Padded strapless bra: Some outfits look the best without any visible bra straps, and this design is the way to go for those outfits. Wacoal has a wide variety of padded strapless bras, the most versatile being the Basic Mold Strapless t-shirt bra. It can be worn with criss-crossed straps, as a halter neck, and even as a bandeau.

Padded maternity bra: Your breasts are the most sensitive during this period in your life, so they need extra care. These bras are made to give shape to your breasts without the help of any wires, are made of non-irritable fabrics, have broad as well as removable straps for breastfeeding. Combine comfort without compromising on fashion with Wacoal’s La Vigne Non-Wired Cotton padded bra.

Padded Bra FAQs

Are padded bras for everyone?

Yes, of course. Depending on your needs and wants, you can choose to wear a padded bra or not. If you want a pronounced cleavage, go for the padded push-up bra, if you just want something with minimal cushioning, go for a lightly-padded one.

Can someone with big breasts wear padded bras?

Yes, they can. As long as you are buying the right sized bra, it does not matter how big or small your breasts are.

How do I find the padded bra?

Calculate your breast and band size as well as your cup size. It’s always ideal to try a bra on before making the purchase but if you are shopping online for a padded bra, refer to the size guide.

At what age should a teen start wearing padded bras?

There’s no rulebook to when someone can wear a particular style of bra. There’s often this assumption that padded bras “sexualise” young girls but if this style provides comfort and support, then why deny it a chance?

How do I ensure that my underwire bra has a long life? 

Change your bras 6 to 9 months because prolonged wear can naturally cause weathering. Besides this, to ensure that the shape of your padded bra remains as good as new, you should follow the garment care instructions label.

You can go to a Wacoal store near you or browse our website to shop for a buy padded bra online. Founded in 1946 in Japan, Wacoal made its way to India in December 2015, and we haven’t looked back since. We have been changing women’s lives all over the world with our efforts to create comfortable and supportive lingerie by combining top quality materials with technical innovation. We value the right fit so much that we even have a team of specially-trained consultants who take accurate measurements and help customers pick the right lingerie.