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Wired Bras

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Wacoal's goal is to help women worldwide feel beautiful with the right fit, style, and size of lingerie. With top-quality materials, technical innovation, and world-class talent we deliver comfy and chic lingerie to our customers.

Buy wired bras in varied styles

Wired t-shirt bra

A t-shirt bra is an absolute must-have because of its comfort and everyday support. You should be able to comfortably wear a t-shirt bra for long hours.
The advantage of a t-shirt bra with an underwire is to give your breasts even more support.

Sports bras with underwire

Women who work out or play sports know that a sports bra is essential to minimise breast movement and bouncing. This keeps breast pain and sagging at bay. You can go for a high-intensity sports bra from Wacoal, which has a specially designed underwire frame to minimise movement.

Wired push-up bras 

If you like your bras to give you a bit of lift and rise, consider picking up a wired push-up bra from Wacoal. Push-up bras are great for smaller breasts, as they boost size, offer extra cushioning and support. We recommend the Plush Desire bras with padded 3/4th cups .


Is it okay to wear an underwire bra daily?

It is perfectly safe to wear an underwire bra daily. However, make sure your bra is the right size, and it is the right shape for your breasts. This will ensure maximum support and comfort.

How is underwired bra better than other bras?

The most significant benefit of a bra with an underwire is its additional support, especially if you have larger breasts. The wire in the bra provides extra cushioning and lift to your breasts, which also minimises strain on your back.

What is an underwire bra?

An underwire bra is a crucial piece of lingerie every woman needs. A piece of wire is sewn under the cup of the bra, which offers support and shape to the breasts. You can buy a wired bra in many styles at Wacoal, from t-shirt bras to sports bras and even fashion bras.

What are the benefits of wearing an underwire bra?

The sturdy underwire technology at Wacoal makes your wired bras more durable and comfortable. Designed to separate and shape your breasts, our bras with underwires can be found in various shapes, colours, and sizes. Our underwire bras fit under sportswear, t-shirts, and even occasion wear.

Choose Wacoal for your next underwire bra

You can go to a Wacoal store near you or browse our website to buy wired bras online, be it a padded wired bra with side support or an everyday non-padded t-shirt bra.
Founded in 1946 in Japan, Wacoal made its way to India in December 2015, and we haven't looked back. We have been changing the lives of women all over the world in efforts to create comfortable and supportive lingerie for women.