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Wacoal's lingerie selection is outstanding. You may shop for lingerie in all kinds of designs from the convenience of your own home. Bras, knickers, sleepwear, luxury lingerie, sports lingerie, shapewear, and more items are available. Choose from wired and non-wired bras, padded and non-padded bras, t-shirt bras, bralettes, push-up bras, full coverage bras, and more. With the multitude of possibilities, you never can run out of choices. Whether you want gorgeous, sexy lingerie or comfy loungewear, go to Wacoal.

Enjoy Wacoal’s vast bra catalogue

Select from our elegant and modern bras to get your ideal fit and style. For every event, choose from a variety of colours, styles, designs, and sizes. Our bras are made to provide the most support, comfort, and durability. You can shop for bras on Wacoal by style, coverage, occasion, wire, and padding. Women can now get the ideal online lingerie for every occasion and outfit that have soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric.

If you’re looking for a bra to limit spillage or go down a cup size, Wacoal has the finest selection for you! The various varieties of bras at Wacoal are listed below:

Bralette: Regular bras provide enough support and bounce protection, but they can be uncomfortable or restricting to wear. Bralettes come into play here. Women's bralettes are a true embodiment of versatility because it combines fashion with comfort. Bralettes allow you to move freely without the added inconvenience of padding or underwires.

Seamless bras: A seamless bra is intended to be hidden under your clothes. Its unique design typically comprises of two moulded cups covered by a single piece of seamless fabric with no visible stitching or seams. They are adaptable enough to be used underneath daily attire and go well with thin-material outfits. Wacoal’s seamless bras provide a flawless, sculpted appearance under Western and Indian attire.

Strapless bras: Strapless bras are available at Wacoal as well. These bras, which support the breasts and pair well under tube and sleeveless outfits, are made to give off the ideal invisible and faultless appearance. So, have a look at our range of strapless bras that also include the optional feature of removable straps.

Push-up bras: Wacoal has a great selection of beautiful and comfortable push-up bras that are perfect for low-neck tops and dresses. When it comes to style, push-up bras are a common choice. Wacoal's push-up bras can add that extra something to your look.

Sports bras: Sports bras rank first among the best intimate apparel for women. Wacoal sports bras provide added security, convenience, and stability. Whether you're an adolescent just starting out in bras or a frequent workout, Wacoal has the best sports bras for you.

T-shirt bras: Wacoal’s t-shirt bras are cute and comfy for everyday wear, so we suggest you buy some while you are on your lingerie shopping spree. T-shirt bras are an essential item in any woman's wardrobe. These bras come in a variety of styles, including padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, and full coverage. T-shirt bras are perfect for tight-fitting apparel and other outfits because they are designed to sculpt and highlight your physique. Try Wacoal to find a t-shirt bra for you in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes!

Plunge bras: The plunge bra is lightly padded with an underwire, so you get support and nipple coverage. It’s a simple, elegant, and classic design that you can pair with any panty style. Plunge bras can be worn under just about any outfit, so give it a shot.

Minimizer bras: If you are big busted and looking to reduce a cup size, then Wacoal’s minimizer bras should be your holy grail. These bras are not at all constricting in spite of their compression technology that helps you go down a cup size with the most ease and comfort.

Bra and panty sets: You can buy lingerie sets from Wacoal, so you don’t spend a lot of time trying to match a bra with the appropriate panty. There are so many colours, styles, and designs to choose from!

Use Wacoal’s bra calculator for the right fit

If you are shopping in-store, then do take assistance from our lingerie experts so that you can find the right bra for yourself. However, if you are shopping for lingerie and bras online, it is helpful to recheck your measurements before you make the big purchase.

It's never been simpler to determine your true bra size thanks to our bra size calculator. We can help you determine your precise bra size using nothing more than a measuring tape. Wacoal is dedicated to helping you find the ideal fitting bra because measuring your bra size is a crucial step in choosing one that fits.

Shop for panties at Wacoal

A woman's wardrobe is incomplete without a panty. It gives your clothes good shape while letting you remain at ease. For women of all shapes and sizes, we offer a wide selection of gorgeous panty styles. You can choose the ideal panty to match with all your outfits because they come in a variety of styles, colours, and fits. If you're seeking for comfy panties, here are some options on Wacoal:

Bikini: This style is also quite comfortable, especially if you dislike having your waistband all the way to the top. It has high-cut legs, narrow side bands, and a low waist. Wacoal offers bikini panties in your favourite fabric and colour while you buy lingerie online.

Boyleg: Boyleg panties are Wacoal’s collection of boyshorts that are so comfortable you just wouldn’t want to take them off. This is also a modest design for those looking for more conservative options in women’s’ lingerie.
Coordinate Panties: These are panty options available in different styles – low waist, medium coverage, bikini, hipster, full coverage – and a variety of colours and lacy designs too that you can easily pair with any of Wacoal’s bras.

Hipsters: You can buy an individual hipster panty or in a pack of three if you are looking for a good deal. Hipsters are another fashionable style that is adored by all ladies. This style is low rise and hip-hugging, as the name implies. It will, however, provide you with limited coverage.

Briefs: These are the women’s version of men’s briefs. However, they are not bland or boring at all. At Wacoal, you can find brief panties that are available in solid colours and some with lace detailing. This is also a modest choice in lingerie and is also perfect to wear during your period. 

Seamless: These are the seamless pants that every lady needs. If you want to wear a body-con dress or skirt but are afraid of thongs, the B-smooth panties are the best option. They are so comfortable, exquisite, and delicate that you will fail to notice that you are wearing underwear.

Find exquisite daywear for lounging or when you are working from home. You don’t need to wear frumpy sweatpants or an old t-shirt! Try out our babydolls and chemises that are available in simple designs but also racy ones that you can wear to spice things up in the bedroom.

Shapewear comes in handy when you want a smooth silhouette but do not want to compromise on comfort. Wacoal has you covered. We have three colours in our tummy tucker available that will compress your tummy and thighs just enough so you can wear that pair of jeans or skirt without worrying about any bumps around the legs or a muffin top.


Why choose Wacoal?

Wacoal is a well-known lingerie brand that has been in the industry for over 70 years. The brand is known for its high-quality materials, superior fit, and wide range of sizes. Wacoal also offers a variety of lingerie styles, including bras, panties, shapewear, and lingerie sets, which cater to different body types and preferences.

Wacoal is commited to women's health, offering bras that are designed to provide support and comfort while reducing discomfort and potential health issues associated with ill-fitting bras.