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Full Coverage Panties

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Women’s full coverage panties are a boon to all of womankind because they scream comfort. Most full coverage underwear is also high-waisted, so it sucks in some of your extra stomach pooch, coming in handy for when you need to fit into a particularly snug pair of jeans or skirt.

But if you don’t buy the right sized ladies’ full coverage panties and you go a size down or a size up, then be ready to experience endless discomfort. Too small panties can cut into your skin and leave red, angry welts on your waist or even on your behind. Panties that are too big might just start slipping off your waist because the elastic waistband just does not sit right.  Wacoal has a collection of full coverage panties that are not just chic but also luxurious and durable.

Types of full coverage panties

Classic briefs:

These provide full coverage and they often have a high waistband, so they may be worn every day and any time. If you want something body-hugging but don't want to wear thongs, you can also purchase seamless panties. Online stores frequently sell underwear in multipacks if you're shopping for it. Classic briefs also make great period panties. 


These generally resemble men's boxer briefs and are snug rather than baggy. Boyshorts offer the most front and back coverage of any available style, making them the most modest option. This is also a great choice to wear under skirts and dresses to avoid chafing.

Seamless panties:

There are many different styles of seamless panties, including full coverage ones. Instead of a stitched hem at the end, you will find a smooth and sleek edge that sits flush against your skin and doesn’t peek through body hugging clothes. The material used to make them is typically softer than cotton and synthetic fabrics as well, making them easy to wear.

Wacoal recommends these full coverage panties

B-Smooth panties:

These are Wacoal’s collection of seamless panties that scream comfort but also style. They are buttery smooth, and you ideal for prolonged wear. Bsmooth panties are available in a variety of solid colours.

Looping lace high coverage:

Not only are they absolutely cute because of the laser cut lacy pattern, they are also so, so easy to wear. You no longer have to worry about any visible panty lines or your panty digging into your bum while walking or sitting for a long time with this collection.

Boyleg panties:

These are what we call the boyshorts at Wacoal. Enjoy the comfortable fit in classic colours of white, grey, and black. Boylegs can be worn with just about any outfit, and you can wear them during your workouts as well.

Sanitary panties:

With periods, accidents like staining can happen, so wearing comfortable panties also becomes a priority. Wacoal’s period panties are designed to prevent staining, especially during night-time when you are asleep. The absorbent pad is made of urethane resin and offers complete covering from the crotch to the back. Elastane-blend fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear. The napkin wings on this sanitary panty can be tucked in between the two layers of the crotch.