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If boyshorts or thongs are not your jam, hipster panties should be your top choice. This style’s waistband sits far lower on the hips than briefs or bikini-style panties. Hipster underwear does provide optimum coverage that most women seek from panties.

Wacoal has a diverse range of hipster panties in various colours that you can find online or in-store.

What choose hipster panties?

Simply put, this style will give the wearer the right coverage and ample comfort.

Some highlights of this style:

  • Hipster underwear of the right size will flatter your figure while giving your tush great coverage.
  • This underwear style also usually has a smooth finish to blend under any body-hugging outfit. Never worry about visible panty lines with hipster panties.
  • Versatile enough to wear under dresses, jeans, trousers, and shorts.
  • They are also an excellent choice to wear while playing sports or exercising in a gym.
  • You can find modest, conservative designs and even cheeky ones in this style.
  • The generally low waistband allows this style to be worn under low-waist denims and pants.

What to keep in mind while shopping for hipster underwear

  • Right size: Whether you’re shopping for a bra or a pair of panties, staying true to your size is always important. You can follow the online size guide to ensure that your measurements are accurate.
  • Comfortable waistband: Ensure that the underwear waistband sits snugly on the decided waist rise without bulging.
  • Front and bottom coverage: Ensure that there is no extra, loose fabric around the crotch and that the panty gives you enough frontal coverage but without a camel toe. The same principle applies to bottom coverage.
  • Buy multipacks: Buying underwear can be expensive. So, instead of individual pieces, opt for bundles for a more cost-effective approach. Keep an eye out for online offers, especially during the festive seasons.

Wacoal’s picks

B-SMOOTH HIGH WAIST FULL COVERAGE SOLID HIPSTER PANTY: Seamless design fits like a glove and feels like a feather on your skin—ideal for everyday wear, especially for those spending long hours in the office. 

B-SMOOTH BRIEF PANTY: This panty from our B-Smooth collection gives complete seamless coverage. If you want to slip into something exceptionally comfortable, this panty is it. 

B-SMOOTH HIGH WAIST FULL COVERAGE SOLID HIPSTER' PANTY: This B-smooth panty will give you everything you might need from a panty. A good choice if you are looking for something soft and light to wear during your period. 

Why Wacoal

The right fit, style, and size of lingerie are paramount to us at Wacoal. We have been helping women worldwide feel beautiful since 1946, and we don’t intend to stop. All our lingerie is a mix of premium materials, forward-thinking and innovation, and world-class talent. Our goal is to create comfortable and chic underwear for women that will last long. We are so committed to the proper fit that we specially train our consultants to take accurate measurements and guide customers to the right lingerie in-store. Visit one of our stores now and see for yourself!

If this style interests you, you can pop into a Wacoal store near you or buy hipster panties online via our website.