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The right kind of bra can make all the difference in terms of how your outfits feel and look. Whether or not you have a heavier chest, its good to have at least one bra that makes your breasts appear smaller. This is known as a minimiser bra, and Wacoal carries many different colours, sizes, and styles of them in our catalogue.

Key features of Wacoal’s minimiser bra online

Our goal at Wacoal is to help women all over the world feel beautiful with the right fit, style, and size of lingerie. We combine top quality materials with technical innovation and world-class talent to create comfortable and chic bras, panties, daywear, and shapewear for women. Our minimising bras are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes who are looking to make their breasts appear smaller.

Why you need a minimiser bra from Wacoal

All our minimizer bras online are non-padded, which can reduce the bustline by up to one inch. The seamless full coverage cups and elasticated underarms make for a comfortable and snug fit, while still offering ample support and preventing sagging.

It’s all in the straps

Each of our minimiser bras have fully adjustable and low-stretch straps, which make them comfortable enough to wear every day. A minimiser bra can be comfortable and easy to wear to work as well as for everyday activities.

Minimizer Bra FAQs

What does a minimiser bra do?

As the name suggests, a minimiser bra makes the breasts appear smaller. This is done by way of compressing and redistributing the breast tissue.

Do minimizer bras make your breasts look smaller?

Not only do minimizer bras from Wacoal make your breasts appear smaller, but they also offer ample support and a gentle lift to your breasts.

Are minimizer bras comfortable?

Wacoal offer s a variety of non-padded, wired minimiser bra designs that are stylish while being extremely functional and comfortable.

When to wear a minimizer bra?

A women’s minimiser bra can help make specific outfits a bit easier to wear, especially for those who have heavier chests. If you have a button up shirt that is slightly tight for you on the bust, a minimising bra can make a big difference in how that shirt fits.