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Strapless Bras

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Strapless Bras

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Do you want to show off your new off-shoulder dress or enjoy the look and feel of that tube top without any visible bra straps? Do you also want to enjoy the comfort and support of your regular ol' bra?

Wacoal’s strapless bras for women promise you all the above and more.

Good strapless bras will hold onto your breasts dearly, so there are no slip-ups and discomfort. However, there are some downsides to strapless bras — we are not used to the strapless feel and can end up feeling exposed.

So, some mental preparation before wearing one is required. This style is not always great for people with fuller breasts, but Wacoal’s strapless bras come in various sizes and shapes.

Shop a myriad of strapless bras at Wacoal

At Wacoal, women’s strapless bras come in different designs and with the versatile add-on of detachable straps.

  • Bandeau bras are like tube tops of the intimate wear world and usually have moulded cups to shape your breasts. They also come in non-padded versions. 
  • Multiway bras have straps that you can remove or even convert into a halter neck, criss-cross, or in the typical two-strapped fashion. 
  • Silicon cups aren’t bras in the traditional sense but a pack of two moulded cups made of silicon that can be glued to your breasts.
  • Bralettes are non-padded and usually made with lacier material. You can style them down if they have detachable straps or wear them as is. 
  • Push-up bra design of strapless bras will give you the desired lift to your breasts and hold them in place. 
  • Underwire bras are for when you need all the support you can get, especially when you do not have straps. Underwire bras in this style promise more support and bounce protection. 
  • Seamless bras give the ultimate no-show feel and look.

Clothes to wear strapless bras with

  • Tube tops: Bra straps poking out of a sleeveless top like a tube top isn’t the more flattering look. Instead, opt for Wacoal’s strapless bras to wear under tube tops for a more seamless and supported look. 
  • One-shoulder dresses: Finding the right underwear for tops and dresses with one shoulder strap can be confusing. Make things easier for yourself, and go for a strapless bra underneath, which will provide good lift and support.
  • Summerwear: During the summer, you will likely see more people wearing sleeveless, racerback, and strappy clothes to beat the heat. A strapless bra is a great piece of lingerie for this season as it leaves your shoulders free from straps.

Discover luxury lingerie for women with Wacoal

You can walk into one of our Wacoal stores or browse our extensive online catalogue to buy a strapless bra. Wacoal was founded in 1946 in Japan and made its way to the Indian market in 2015.

Since then, we have been changing women’s lives in India and worldwide with our lingerie, which is made with top-quality materials and technical innovation.

The right fit is our No 1 priority. We have a team of specially trained consultants who will take accurate measurements and help you make the correct choice.