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Low Coverage Panties

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Low Coverage Panties

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For all the talk about high waisted panties that snatch your body and make you look shapelier, low coverage panties are also an essential item for every woman’s closet. If you like to wear bodycon clothing, which is clothing that hugs your figure, then low coverage panties are a must for you. This is because they sit lower on the waist and allow your body to appear more natural. Visible panty lines are always going to be a no-no under clothing, and panties with low coverage will ensure you don’t have to make that fashion faux pas. Low or no coverage panties are also ideal to wear under white or light-coloured clothing because they will not show through the material of your clothes.

Wacoal’s catalogue is filled to the brim with low coverage panties of all different colours, styles, designs, and price points. Whether you are looking for simple everyday panties or something with a bit more edge and spice to it, you can find it here at Wacoal. Check out our collection of low coverage panties online on our website or visit a Wacoal store near you to find the right fit for you. Since opening our doors in India in 2015, Wacoal’s only goal has been to make every woman feel comfortable through luxury lingerie. We offer a myriad of lingerie options from bras and panties to shapewear and daywear pieces.

What to look for when purchasing low coverage panties

The options are limitless in the world of low or no coverage panties. But don’t be daunted by all the options out there, because Wacoal has curated the perfect checklist of all the things to look for in your underwear. Here’s what to keep an eye out for when shopping -

Fabric: It’s always a good idea to invest in panties made of light and airy fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. This is especially important if you live in a hot and humid place or are prone to sweating. Wearing underwear made of lightweight fabrics will ensure that you steer clear of skin irritation and potential infection as well. Wacoal only works with soft fabrics that hug the body well and give a smooth and sleek finish. Our lingerie is designed to be comfortable for long hours of wear.

Colour: It is important to have different coloured panties in your collection to wear under different bottoms. You should definitely have nude, black, and white panties in your catalogue to wear under sheer clothing or whites, as these colours will not peek through. However, it’s also nice to have fun and colourful options like red and blue to wear under more opaque clothing. Wacoal gives you the option of choosing between both, timeless and trendy colours of underwear.

Price: Lingerie prices are shooting through the roof as of late, but Wacoal is committed to delivering luxurious top-tier items which are reasonably priced. Your lingerie does not need to be exorbitantly priced in order to be good quality or premium. You can find many durable, chic, and affordable low coverage undergarments at Wacoal. For extra savings, you can even shop for multipacks of our low coverage underwear from our website or in store. This takes all the stress out of shopping for panties, and you don’t have to spend a bomb.

Types of no coverage panties at Wacoal

Wacoal’s catalogue comprises low coverage underwear in different materials, designs, and colours. Here are some of the options you can find on our website -

Lace panties: When it comes to no coverage underwear, lace is a very popular material because it is lightweight and stylish at the same time. Wacoal’s lace low coverage low waist panties are perfect for people who are looking for all day comfort but with a splash of personality. Check out the Gaia Collection Low Waist Low Coverage Lace Bikini Panties from Wacoal, available in neutral shades as well as bright shades like red. This range of lace panties flaunt a soft mesh back with sexy cut-out details on the front. You can also opt for our Lucy Low Waist Low Coverage Lace Bikini Panties, which has a co-ordinating floral lace pattern and cotton gusset for maximum comfort. These panties are available in simple whites but also eye-catching colours like green and maroon.

Solid bikinis: Take out the stress of underwear shopping and keep it uncomplicated with the Simply Be Low Waist Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panties from Wacoal. These panties will be perfect to wear under workwear, comfy lounge clothing at home, or your most exciting party or occasion dresses. Made with a mix of polyester, spandex, and cotton, these solid panties can be worn on the daily for long hours and you will not feel like you are wearing anything underneath. These are an ideal pick to wear when travelling by plane or even a road trip.

Wacoal – A legacy of well-fitting lingerie

Wacoal was founded in 1946 in Japan, and the brand was created with the aim to empower women through well-fitting lingerie and the right support. We believe that every woman should have lingerie that fits just right and makes them feel beautiful inside and out. We believe so strongly in the importance of good fit that we have a team of specially trained consultants who know how to take accurate measurements and help our customers choose the style and size of lingerie that suits their body types and lifestyles.

Every piece of lingerie from Wacoal, be it zero coverage panties or shapewear from our collection, is available in different colours, designs, and sizes to suit women with all different needs and wants. Our exclusive and unique combination of high-quality materials, technical innovations cultivated in and inspired by Japan, and outstanding creative talents means that every piece in our collection is designed to shine. We aim to bring you luxury lingerie that will bring out your inner confidence. Whether you visit us in store or shop from our website, you can expect a seamless shopping experience with Wacoal.