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Non Padded Bra

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Non Padded Bra

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Padded bras can feel like they are constricting comfort. And more than style, ease of wearing a bra is of utmost importance to most women. Why not give non-padded bras a shot?

We want all our customers to find the right fit, style, and size of lingerie in our catalogue. Wacoal’s lingerie is an incredible combination of top-quality materials, innovation, and world-class talent – all necessary to create the best underwear for women.

If you need extra help shopping, visit one of our stores, where our specially trained consultants can guide you.

Try Wacoal to buy a non-padded bra online, be it a chic lacy one, a full coverage retro style non-padded bra or even a sports bra.

Say yes to non-padded bra

Here are some reasons why a non-padded bra should be your ideal everyday innerwear choice over any other style out there:

  • Unlined cups made of soft fabric highlight the natural shape of your breast, giving you a natural look.
  • It gives a more flexible and easy-going wearing experience.
  • Non-padded bras are for everyone: smaller cup sized women can go for non-wired non-padded options while those with a bigger bust can go the underwire route.
  • Non-padded bras for different uses: Wacoal has non-padded sports bras for functional use, lacy ones for when you are feeling sexy, and minimizer bras for those looking to go a cup size down.
  • Versatile: Non-padded bras for women are versatile enough to be worn under t-shirts, shirts, tops, dresses, and even Indian wear like saree blouses.
  • Summer friendly: There are less chances of moisture retention with non-padded bras for women, especially if you live in a tropical environment. This means that you can relatively reduce any chances of bacterial infections.

How do I choose the perfect non-padded bra?

You can go through Wacoal’s extensive collection to find the right non-padded bra online in India. Here are some of our bestsellers that you can check out:

Is a non-padded bra better than padded bra?

There is no absolute right or wrong answer to this question. In the end, selecting the style boils down to your personal choice. If you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in your skin, any bra is the right bra for you.