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It is easy to feel lost among the sea of bra styles. There are so many new and different styles out there that picking out what works best for you can be a difficult task. If you’re looking for something that’s stylish but gives your breasts security and support on an everyday basis, then a buy a ¾ cup bra is what you need.

What is a ¾ coverage bra?

You have heard of the full coverage bra, but often, the designs it is available in are quite modest and not as youthful. With a ¾ coverage bra, the cups are relatively lower cut. This means that your breast tissue and nipples will be covered but your cleavage will be bare. There is less coverage than a standard full cup bra, but more than a demi-cup style.

Features of ¾ cup bra

  • This is slightly sexy than a full cup bra because it allows you to wear low cut tops without worrying about the cups being visible.
  • The ¾ cup bra is ideal for bigger breasted women because it gives ample support and security that demi-cup or balconette styles might not be able to offer. Often, this has a push-up mechanism as well to enhance cleavage.
  • Ubiquitous enough to be worn with t-shirts, shirts, and low neckline dresses.
  • Will definitely not remind you of “granny style” bras.

Why Wacoal?

Since our inception, Wacoal’s goal has been to help women find the right fit, style, and size of lingerie. We combine top-quality materials, technical innovation, and world-class talent to create comfortable and chic underwear for women. Bra shopping can be tough, and we at Wacoal value the right fit so much that we specially train our consultants to take accurate measurements and guide customers to pick the right lingerie for them.
If this style interests you, you can pop into a Wacoal store near you or browse our website’s extensive catalogue to buy ¾ cup bra online.