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Mid Waist Panties

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Mid Waist Panties

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Both, high waist brief and ultra low waist panties have had their moment in the limelight, but it’s now time to celebrate the era of mid rise panties for women. These are the perfect middle ground for your underwear, suitable to wear under all kinds of clothing.

This style of underwear offers more coverage than hip panties, but less than a high waisted full coverage brief. A mid waist panty will also offer shape and support to your stomach area without feeling tight and uncomfortable. But don’t just settle for the average options out there, shop Wacoal’s luxurious and durable mid waist underwear from our website or in store.

Since we began our journey in 1946, we have only strived to help women all around the world feel their most confident and beautiful. We believe that the right design, fit, and size of lingerie can bring out the best in absolutely anyone.

Our exclusive melange top quality materials, technical innovation, and world-class talent results in comfortable and chic luxury mid waist panties for women. Visit a Wacoal store near you or browse our website to shop your top picks.

Mid waist underwear for every occasion

If you want to buy mid waist panties but don’t know where to start shopping, it’s important to remember that there are many different designs and styles out there. Wacoal too carries mid rise panties in a variety of different styles so that you have options at your disposal. Here is a roundup of all the mid waist underwear available in our collection:

B-Smooth Briefs

Finding the right mid waist underwear to wear under figure hugging or fitted clothing can be challenging. But the B-Smooth collection of seamless panties from Wacoal has a variety of different bottoms to suit your needs.

You can go for a mid waist brief or hipster in this range for everyday wear, which means you can wear them under your work clothes or even casual clothes like jeans and skirts.

The smoothing fabric also gives your body a sleek and contoured finish. You can find these briefs in a high waist and low waist variant as well.

Hygienic Mid Waist Period Panties –

Many women opt for simple oversized cotton briefs during their period, but the Hygienic line of mid waist panties from Wacoal is designed specifically to wear during your time of the month.

Each piece in this collection is designed to be worn with any period collection tools, be it a menstrual cup or a sanitary napkin with wings.

In fact, you can hide the wings of your sanitary napkin between the layers of the gusset. These panties are available in a bikini style, and come with a urethane resin-blended absorbent pad that offers full coverage.

Lilia Mid Waist Medium Coverage Hipsters

An everyday underwear with a splash of lacy sensuality, the Lilia collection from Wacoal gives you simplicity with some spice.

Every mid waist panty from this range flaunts a sewn in cotton panel gusset as well as a soft lace on the front, which makes for comfortable all day wear while still boosting your confidence.

These come in various colours too, if you want to add some variation and fun to your lingerie collection. If you are seeking a coordinated lingerie look, you can also purchase matching bras and chemises with panties from this collection.

Panty packs of 3

Instead of our sophisticated and luxurious individual panties, you can also buy mid waist panty in a pack of 3 from the Wacoal website.

You can check out the Cotton Midi Panty pack of 3, which offers medium coverage, or go for the cotton hipster panty pack of 3, which offers slightly more coverage.

These multipacks contain basic colours like black, white, and beige, which are perfect for everyday wear. A multipack of Wacoal’s underwear will also help you save some money and get more bang for your buck.

Embrace Lace Medium Waist Lace Bikini Panty

If you like to have some fun with your lingerie, nothing is more exciting than a sexy lacy number. The Embrace Lace collection urges you to do exactly that – celebrate your most confident self with this comfortable yet classy option.

The lace front with a sheer mesh back leaves very little to the imagination, perfect to surprise your husband or partner with. The sewn-in cotton gusset also wicks any excess moisture and gives you an easy fit and feel.

What to look for in mid waist panties for women

Fabric: Wacoal’s lingerie is only made with premium comfortable natural materials like cotton or cotton blends for maximum comfort.

Price: Durable lingerie can be tough to find at an affordable price point, but Wacoal is committed to bringing you lingerie that doesn’t break the bank and will also last a long time.

Fit: Well-fitted lingerie will sit snugly on your waist without any movement, sagging, or bunching up. Use our exclusive size guide to measure yourself and find the right fit for you.