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Lightly Padded Bra

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Lightly Padded Bra

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For most women, bras are a must. However, given that many lingerie alternatives do not prioritise comfort, few people want to wear a bra for extended periods of time. Bras with light padding can help here. As the name implies, this bra is less cushioned than traditional padded choices while providing greater support than non-padded ones. You can also call this style a soft padded bra.

The nipples are covered by the soft padding of lightly padded bras without the upper torso being overly disproportionately enlarged. This bra style enhances your breast, but just the right amount. These bras help you smooth out your silhouette, making them ideal for fitting tops and tees. Wearing a lightly padded bra with any outfit is a good idea.

These bras, which offer the best possible comfort and support also aid in improving posture. So, a women’s lightly padded bra is an amazing undergarment that not only conceals, moulds, and supports all at once but also doesn't cost a fortune. This is why, for many women, a lightly padded bra is the best option for daily wear. However, not every bra style will suit your needs. Only trying and testing different bra styles can help you decide which is the best out of the rest. 

Lightly padded bras can also serve as a great starting point for youngsters who have just started wearing bras. Because the padding is not constricting like a push up bra’s, it is suitable for beginners who are trying on different styles after training bras.

At Wacoal you can buy a lightly padded bra online or from our stores. It is important to us that you find lingerie that fits you well and will last in your closet as well. That’s why all our lingerie is made using premium materials, and our staff is especially trained to help you find the right fit.

Here are the styles of bras with lighter padding that you can try:

Lightly padded sports bras:

The sports bra offer you maximum support while you work out or play your favourite sport. The light padding helps avoid chafing during the physical activity and covers your nipples entirely.  
Wacoal recommends the Motion Wear Padded Non-Wired Full Coverage Full Support Medium Intensity Sports Bra, which is available in black and grey colours. The bra is made with fabric designed to protect against irritants like chlorine, and UV rays.

Lightly padded wired bras:

With this style of lightly padded bras, you have the support from not just the padding in the cups but also the underwire that is fit right under them. A lightly padded wired bra can be worn by women who have busts of all sizes, but it can benefit bigger busted women even more.

Wacoal recommends the Starlet Serena Padded Wired 3/4th Cup Fashion Bra for everyday wear. The cups have an intricate lace detailing, and the double spaghetti straps make the bra so fashionable.

Or try the Bell Appetit Padded Wired 3/4Th Cup Fashion Bra that is the most comfortable lightly padded t-shirt bra we have in our collection. Because it is delicate and lacy, you can also wear it under sheer outfits to show off the design.

Lightly padded non-wired bras:

This style is ideal for those who do not like the experience of wearing an underwire bra but want the benefit of a padded bra.

Wacoal recommends the Looping Bra Padded Non-Wired Medium Coverage Lace Bra, which has cups designed to match the shape of your bust, so you get a natural and round silhouette. The bra design is also a chic one, and it’s available in shades of blue, brown, and white. Matching panties (sold separately) are available on Wacoal’s website and stores.

Or you can try the Lilia Padded Non-Wired 3/4Th Cup Lace Fashion Bra available in blue, orange and pink. It’s an elegant lacy design that comes with lightly padded cups. The bra will pair well with just about any outfit. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also wear it as a bralette.