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Find the best bras online for all your needs at Wacoal

A woman's wardrobe is incomplete without a bra that provides all-day support and comfort. Wacoal offers all of this, but with a stylish flair.

Wacoal's sole objective is to encourage women all around the world to accept and express their uniqueness.

Because of this, we provide a wide variety of comfortable and stylish ladies' bras, including sports bras, push-up bras, seamless bras, bralettes, and strapless bras.

With each piece of Wacoal lingerie, you will see and feel our high-quality fabrics combined with our understanding of what women need.

Buy bras from Wacoal because we promise quality, luxury, and durability.

Your one-stop-shop for all types of bras

There are so many different types of bras that it can be difficult to choose the appropriate one, especially if you don't know what options are available.

This is why at Wacoal we have a dedicated page for bras for ladies. You can view the products based on your size, colour, bra style, padding, wiring, coverage, price, and collection.

Do you know wearing an improper bra size can impact your posture and cause a variety of health issues, such as back discomfort, neck pain, and chaffing. It can be uncomfortable to not wear a bra, especially if you are big busted or working out.

Before you choose a women’s bra, you should be aware of the various types of bras, but also how to calculate the right bra size. Continue reading to find out what kind of bras Wacoal has.

Buy bras online from this selection

Bralette: Bralettes are soft, wireless bras usually without defined cups or underwire. At Wacoal you can find lacy, padded, and non-padded options for bralettes.

Bridal wear bra: This bra designed to be worn under wedding dresses, on your wedding night, or during your honeymoon.

Everyday bra: This bra is suitable for everyday activities. Whether you are going for grocery run or to the office, this bra is your go-to choice. Wacoal offers full coverage, padded and non-padded bras that are suitable for long and prolonged wear.

Lace bra: Wacoal offers so many different bras with lace detailing that you will be spoilt for choice. Enjoy different types of coverage, a choice between underwire and no wiring at all, as well padding and no padding.

Minimizer bra: By dispersing breast tissue, this bra is intended to make the bust appear smaller and flatter. This is ideal for our big-busted customers who have this need.

Plunge bra: This bra has a low-cut front that creates a deep "V" shape, ideal for wearing with low-cut tops. Wacoal has non-padded and non-wired options in plunge bras.

Plus size bra: This bra is designed for women with larger bust sizes, typically ranging from size DD and up. Try Wacoal’s classic non-padded plus sized bra that has the classic look and feel of a traditional fit bra, but the style is elevated by incorporating a delicate and graceful floral lace.

Seamless bra: This bra that is free of seams or stitching, creating a smooth and invisible appearance under clothing. Wacoal has two designs for seamless bras – the basic mold padded non-wired 3/4th everyday bras, and the franca non-wired medium coverage bras.

Sleeping bra: This bra’s aim is to provide comfort while sleeping, usually without underwire or other restrictive features. Wacoal’s sleeping bra is padded but has no underwire. While sleeping, the special design of this bra helps keep the bust steady by reducing movement.

Sports bra: This style is to be worn during sports or exercise, because it provides support and reduces breast movement to prevent discomfort or injury. Pick any sports bra from Wacoal’s collection. You will not be disappointed.

T-shirt bra: This is a lightly padded bra that provides a smooth silhouette under fitted shirts and T-shirts, usually without lace or other embellishments. We offer medium to full coverage, padded and non-padded, as well as underwired and wire-free t-shirt bras. Wacoal has a t-shirt bra for every type of consumer, so shop bras in this style from us.

Benefits of a good bra

  • Improved posture and comfort: A well-fitting bra can help support the weight of the breasts, reducing strain on the back and shoulders and improving overall posture.
  • Reduced breast pain: A good bra can provide proper support and help reduce pain and discomfort associated with breast movement.
  • Better breast shape: A well-designed bra can help shape and contour the breasts, providing a more attractive appearance.
  • Protection from sagging: Wearing a supportive bra can help prevent sagging and stretching of breast tissue, particularly in women with larger breasts.
  • Increased confidence: A good bra can help women feel more comfortable and confident in their clothing, enhancing their overall self-image.


How do I find a good quality bra?

  • Choose the proper size: A well-fitting bra will provide the required support and comfort, but an ill-fitting bra will not. You can get professionally fitted at a Wacoal store or take your own measurements at home.
  • Seek high-quality materials: A decent bra should be composed of long-lasting, high-quality materials that can resist repeated use and washing.
  • Examine the structure: Look for bras that are well-made, with wide, padded straps, underwire support, and several hooks in the back. Even and secure stitching is required.
  • Consider the style: Bras come in a wide variety of designs, each of which is intended to offer a different degree of comfort and coverage. Before purchasing bras, evaluate your needs and preferences.
  • Try it on: Try the bra on before buying it to ensure that it is comfortable and offers the support you require. 
  • Read reviews: Look at what other customers have to say about their experiences wearing a particular bra.

How do I choose the suitable bra style?

The best bra type depends on your bust shape and size, wardrobe choices, and lifestyle.

For instance, for regular usage, full-coverage bras offer maximum coverage and support, while push-up bras are great for special occasion outfits. Sports bras provide the most support during physical exercise, while bralettes are more casual and comfier.

Ultimately, the best bra style is one that fits you comfortably, caters to your tastes and needs, and feels fantastic.

How do I store and maintain bras?

Follow these steps to store and maintain your bras properly:

  • Bras should be hand-washed in cold water and dried flat to keep them in good condition.
  • Do not twist or squeeze the bra while wringing out extra water.
  • Avoid folding or crushing bras when storing them; instead, hang them from the centre.
  • To prevent wearing out bras too rapidly, wash them after a 2-3 wears and switch between different bras.