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An essential guide to hipster panties

An essential guide to hipster panties

Hipster underwear is becoming increasingly popular among women of various shapes and sizes. They are extremely comfortable while being stylish at the same time. So, if you want to add this underwear to your wardrobe but are clueless about what it is, the following pointers about hipster panties might be helpful.

What is it?

Hipster underwear stands somewhere between bikinis and boyleg. They flatter your shape exceptionally well, usually sitting a few inches below your waistline and perfectly on your hips. They are available in various styles, and you can find them in high-waist and mid-waist varieties offering medium and full coverage under your outfits.

Why choose this underwear?

Some important reasons for investing in hipster underwear include the following:

  • It is available in several varieties, and you can choose one depending on the occasion or the outfit you plan to wear.
  • When you choose these panties carefully, they can be an incredible choice as everyday wear since they are highly comfortable and supportive.
  • This lingerie also provides good coverage to your back.

Styles of hipster panties

Some of the different styles of hipster panties you can opt for include the following:

  • Mid-waist hipster panties

A mid-waist hipster panty is perfect if you shy away from wearing form-fitting outfits or bottom wear. This style smoothens your tummy and allows you to embrace your curves. However, ensure that you choose styles with a comfortable fit and feel on your skin. You can also opt for hipster panties with a cotton gusset for extra comfort.

  • Seamless hipster panties

You could opt for a seamless strapless half-cup bra when you want to wear a form-fitting off-shoulder dress to prevent the bra seams from showing. Similarly, you can match the bra with a seamless panty to go with the outfit and keep the nasty panty lines from being visible and ruining your outfit. You can choose styles that offer full coverage while being lightweight at the same time.

  • Cotton hipster panties

Opt for everyday cotton panties with a cotton gusset when you require extra comfort. These are pretty popular because of their skin-friendly design, allowing your skin to breathe easily. This property also keeps allergies and odours away while preventing itching at the same time.

  • Easy-dry hipster panties

These hipster panties are comfortable, gentle on your skin, and sweat-absorbent. Being easy-dry, they keep you clean and prevent various problems.