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Benefits of Wearing a Wired Bra

Benefits of Wearing a Wired Bra

An underwire or wired bra comes with a supporting wire stitched into the soft fabric of the cups. This wire, usually made of metal or plastic, is meant to elevate the natural shape of the breast, and give extra support.
Most bras, including sports bras, come with underwire options. A wired bra benefits breasts of all shapes and sizes.

What are the benefits of a wired bra?

A wired bra is among the most popular bra styles out in the market, and for good reason. There are many benefits of an underwire bra, like:

  • The added support from the wire. This is especially beneficial for larger breasts because the wire provides extra cushion and reduces strain on the back.
  • Better definition and contour, creating the appearance of rounder and fuller breasts.
  • Because of the adequate lift and support, the bust’s silhouette looks uniform under fitted clothes.
  • Improved support from the underwire also means better posture and fewer aches and pains for people of all shapes and sizes.

How to pick the right underwire bra

To reap the maximum benefits of a wired bra, here are certain points to keep in mind while you shop online or from a store:

  • Measure and calculate your size: 

  • You should know your band and cup size for this. Measure using a soft tape, and then refer to Wacoal’s online size guide to calculate your bra size. You can also visit one of our stores and take help from our specially trained consultants.
  • Try on for a better feel:

  • Try on one of Wacoal’s luxurious underwire bras to truly appreciate an underwire bra’s benefits. If the wire pokes you or if there is spillage and bulging, then the bra is not for you.

Wacoal's bestselling underwire bras

Wacoal promises a luxurious experience with our range of underwire bras. Reap an underwired bra’s benefits by trying our bestsellers:


Available in cashmere blue, cappuccino, and black, this wired bra is so comfortable and chic that you will forget you have it on. This bra will give you superior lift and support, which is ideal for larger breasts.


This everyday t-shirt bra has a delicate lace trim, a 3/4th coverage cup and wire to give you adequate support, shape, and lift.