Confused About the Difference Between Lingerie and Bikinis? Here’s What You Need to Know

Confused About the Difference Between Lingerie and Bikinis?

Whether you’re packing for a beach holiday or spending the summer by the pool, a bikini is a must. However, if you have little to no experience with a bikini, then it is easy to get confused about this two-piece garment. The doubt the plagues most minds is what exactly is the different between a bikini and lingerie? If you’ve dealt with similar worries, let us break things down for you.

Lingerie vs Bikini: What is the Difference?

While a lingerie set and a bikini both consist of a bra and panty, they are drastically different garments. They two primary parameters where they differ are as given below:


Bikinis and lingerie sets are deemed as two different types of garments because they serve different purposes.

A bikini is especially designed to be worn while you are taking a dip in water. It functions as a swimsuit and is designed as such. Bikinis tend to have bottoms that offer less coverage and might come embellished with aesthetic details not found on regular lingerie.

Lingerie sets, on the other hand, are primarily designed to be worn on a day-to-day basis as undergarments. The bra are constructed with the aim of offering support whereas the bottoms tend to provide coverage.


Another point of difference between a lingerie set and a bikini is the fabric used to construct the two.

Since a bikini is used while interacting with water, it is made of fabric that is somewhat waterproof, or at least suitable to be worn in the water. Lycra is a fabric popularly used for bikini since it is stretchable, durable, lightweight even when soaked, and resistant to damage due to body oils.

Lingerie sets are made from various fabrics, depending on the kind you choose and the occasion for which they are designed. From cotton to silk, you can find lingerie sets in a wide range of materials.

Now that you’re caught up on difference between bikini and bra and panties, you can make sure you purchase the right garment for the required occasion.

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