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Five benefits of shapewear

Five benefits of shapewear

Shapewear is an undergarment that contours the body and creates a smoother silhouette, showcasing your natural curves. Shapewear can be worn under form fitting clothes or any other clothing to make you feel more comfortable and confident. Wacoal has an array of shapewear for you to choose from that will elevate your outfits and confidence.

There are many benefits of shapewear but remember that it will only enhance what you already have and not miraculously alter your appearance.

Here are some advantages of wearing shapewear:

  • Smoothens silhouette:

    When worn under body hugging or tight clothes, you can avoid any bulges and have a uniform outward appearance with bodywear.

  • For fluctuating dress sizes:

    Nobody has a singular dress size all their lives because our bodies are constantly going through changes. So, if you are someone who does not want to part with their clothes in smaller sizes, wearing shapewear underneath can help you go down by at least a dress size or two.

  • Can be worn as underwear:

    Forget the days when shapewear was so constricting that you couldn’t even catch your breath. Wacoal’s shapewear is not made to give you a certain kind of look at special events. You can discover some attractive bodywear in lightweight, breathable fabrics that can serve as underwear substitutes.

  • Can do wonders for your confidence

    Shapewear can help you slide into your favourite dress with ease, giving you the silhouette, you desire almost instantly. This shapewear benefit is our favourite!

Tips to buy shapewear from Wacoal

Important tips to keep in mind so you can avail of all the benefits of wearing shapewear:

  • Choose the correct size – for this, you will need to measure your bust, waist and hips
  • Try the shapewear on before you make the purchase
  • Let reviews by other people guide you towards buying shapewear
  • Determine which is your target area – torso, lower body or total body
  • Also, determine whether you want to smoothen, lift, or go for comfy compression
  • Choose a colour of shapewear that is closest to your skin tone

Wacoal recommends these bestsellers

Girdle Collection Thigh Shaper:

This high-waist shape will lift your butt, tuck your tummy, and define your waist. It’s seamless so it will easily disappear under clothes.

Girdle Collection Shaping Brief:

As the name suggests, it is designed to be worn on the regular. This shapewear brief creates the desired smoothening effect, a benefit of body shapers, we all seek.