How to know your panty size?

how to know your panty size?

The right underwear can make all the difference in your day. Wearing well-fitting underwear that sits snugly against your body can keep you feeling comfortable and cared for all day. Conversely, the discomfort of wearing ill-fitting panties can permeate your behavior and ruin your mood throughout the day. But why go through the stress? You can avoid any underwear mishaps by measuring yourself and buying the right size of panties for you.

Wacoal’s collection of panties caters to women of all shapes and sizes with a variety of style preferences. If you want to find the best panty size for you, check out the panty size chart included with every product on our website and use it when purchasing that particular item. But to use the women's panties size chart correctly, you first have to use a measuring tape to figure out your dimensions.

Read on to learn how you can ensure the right fit each time.

Signs that your panties are the wrong fit for you:

  • The waistband is too tight and keeps digging into your skin.
  • They keep riding up from behind and causing wedges.
  • The leg openings cause chafing and skin irritation.
  • The fabric is bulging and collecting at the crotch or the base of the derriere.
  • The waist band keeps rolling down and sagging.

Wacoal – well-fitting panties for every woman

Every item in Wacoal’s catalogue is a unique combination of high-quality materials, outstanding creative and talents, and technical innovations that are cultivated in and inspired by Japan. When shopping our various styles of panties, it’s important that you think about the purpose of wearing them. Wacoal offers a myriad of different underwear styles, each one suited to different needs.

Here is Wacoal’s exclusive guide on choosing panties

  • For extra coverage and anti-chafing:

  • Wacoal’s boyleg panties provide full coverage on the buttocks and also run down the thigh like men’s boxer briefs. They can be worn under dresses and skirts as well.
  • For low-waisted bottoms:

  • Go for low-waisted bikini panties from Wacoal, which will not ride up and peek through above the waistband of your jeans.
  • For body hugging clothing:

  • Seamless panties and shapewear are the ideal choices to wear under tight and figure-enhancing clothing. This is because both styles of panties will not show through your clothes while offering a smoother look to your torso.
  • For daily wear use:

  • Wacoal offers hipster panties that sit perfectly between your hips and waist, smoothing the lower stomach and providing a more cinched in look. This style of panties is perfect to wear on the daily, whether at work or at home.
  • For special occasions and partywear:

  • Lace is a commonly found material in Wacoal’s catalogue of panties and comes in a variety of styles and designs. Go for stunning floral lace in our Embrace Lace line or switch it up with bright colours and patterns with our Mystique range.

How to know your panty size using measuring tape

If you want to learn how to know your panty size, you need to get your measurements using a measuring tape. Here is how to go about it –

Step 1: Measure your hips

To correctly determine your panty size, you first have to get your hip measurement. This means wrapping a measuring tape snugly around the widest or fullest part of your hips and noting down the value. Usually, the widest part of your hips will fluctuate between 6" and 9" below your natural waistline, based on your height.

Step 2: Measure your waist

The next step in calculating your size is to measure your waistline. If you are unsure where your natural waist is, bend sideways and note where the crease forms. Wrap your measuring tape snugly around your waistline and measure approximately 5 centimetres below that, where the waistband of your pants naturally sits. This figure will be your waist measurement.

Step 3: Use Wacoal’s panty size chart in cm or inches

The last and final step is to refer to Wacoal’s exclusive panty size chat below to determine your panty size. Whether you prefer measurements in centimeters or inches, our size chart includes all the measurements for all the sizes available on our website. You can also refer to the size charts mentioned alongside each product on the website.

Check out Wacoal’s women’s panties size chart below

Panty Size Chart