How to Measure Your Bust Size and Find the Right Fitting Bra

How to Measure Your Bust Size and Find the Right Fitting Bra

Before buying a bra, you must measure your cup and band size. You should wear a properly fitting bra at any point in your life. It’s essential for your posture, confidence, and overall breast health.

With age and changes in the body, your size can remain the same or fluctuate. Other factors like weight gain or loss, change in diet, hormonal changes, and pregnancy can also change your bra size. 

Learning how to find your bra size is easy - you only require some patience and a soft measuring tape. To ensure that your measurements match the brand's standards, follow the online instructions or even the size chart exclusive to the brand. Wacoal’s size chart will make it easier than ever to find the right fit for you.

Steps to measure your bra size:

Band size -

Wear your best-fitting non-padded bra or be braless while measuring your band size.

Wrap the measuring tape around your underbust, where your bra band usually sits. It should be snug yet comfortable. Avoid wearing a sports bra while taking measurements.

How to measure bust size -

Next, go over your overbust, i.e., the fullest part of your bust. Ensure that you are not holding the measuring tape too tightly. Breathe normally while measuring.

How to measure cup size - 

Go to the online calculator on the Wacoal website and subtract your band size from your bust size. Then, refer to Wacoal’s size guide to find what size to shop from our catalogue.

Other helpful tips

  • If the band size is an odd number, try to reach an even number by trying the next band size.
  • If you are in-between sizes or need help finding the correct fit, either go up a cup size and come down a band size OR increase the band size and decrease the cup size.
  • Try to fit the smaller breast if your breasts are two different sizes.

Signs of an ill-fitting bra

These are the signs of your bra wearing experience that you should notice. If you experience any of these, it’s time to learn how to measure your bra size:

  • Creases in the cup fabric means that your bra is too big
  • Underwire pinching sides of the breasts
  • Band that rides up
  • Breast tissue spilling from the cups and bulging from the sides
  • Straps are too loose or too tight
  • Bra does not stay in place when you lift your arms

Things to look for when shopping for bras

  • Style:

  • Choose the style of bra based on its purpose. Since there are so many options for bra, you want to choose wisely and only as per your needs.

  • Check your reflection:

    Doing this will always give you an accurate idea of the fit. To determine if your purchase is the right one, try it on and evaluate how it looks. You can quickly identify any bulging, whether the cups sit right, and whether the band rides up upon movement.

  • Know your sister size:

    You should try to find the alternatives to your current size. Additionally, there are situations when the fitting is better in the adjacent sizes.

  • Do the fit and movement test:

    Bras are typically purchased and worn for practical reasons, so ensure that they will move with your body. Make sure you get a bra that doesn't cause spillage and whose straps don't leave welts on your shoulders. Move around to see if you can get the support, protection, and comfort you require.

  • Go for tried and tested brands:

    Being experimental is good but going for lingerie from a reputable brand guarantees you a quality experience. Choose Wacoal – a trusted name since 1946.

Choose Wacoal for all your lingerie needs

Wacoal has a large variety of lingerie, innerwear, and shapewear to fit women of all shapes and sizes. You can browse on our website or drop by for an in-store visit. Now that you have figured out how to measure your bra size, have a look at our bestsellers:

Embrace Lace Non Padded Non Wired 3/4th Cup Bridal Wear Medium Coverage Lace Bralette:

Comes in three colours – purple, grey and black. This is a full-cup, non-padded and non-wired bra for bridal wear. It’s made of a unique soft fabric that feels luxurious and soft on the skin. The triangular cups and plunge neckline make it versatile enough to wear under different outfits.

Gococi Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Seamless T-Shirt Bra:

This seamless t-shirt bra gives entire front and back coverage. It oozes comfort because it has no hook and eye closure, so all you need to do is slide it on. The Gococi bra has removable peanut pads and is made of sweat-absorbent material. Ideal for daily wear.

Embrace Lace Contour Padded Wired 3/4th Cup Everyday Wear Medium Coverage T-Shirt Bra:

Available in four colours – black, purple, grey and dark grey. This t-shirt bra from Wacoal’s signature Embrace Lace collection guarantees smooth contour cups and ample support. It has lace trim around the cups and the centre, making it aesthetically pleasing. It also has wide-set straps and a plunging neckline, so it’s ideal to be worn with low-neck outfits. Fully adjustable straps give maximum comfort and prevent digging into the shoulders. Matching panties are sold separately if you want to create your own set.

Lucy Padded Non-Wired 3/4th Coverage Fashion Bra

This bra is available in four colours – maroon, green, ivory and rust. The 3/4th cup bra provides sufficient coverage, while the lace detailing on the cups gives the bra a fashionable look. Additionally, no underwire offers more comfort. The lacy front and back of the bra also make it ideal to be worn under sheer outfits.