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Ideal Body Type for Hipster Panties

Ideal Body Type for Hipster Panties

Your lingerie is inclusive of several bra styles and panties that offer you hygiene and comfort. This essential layer of clothing makes you more comfortable and protects your intimate areas from any external harm. When it comes to a bra, there are a wide variety of options you

However, when it comes to panties, you may lack knowledge of the available options and resort to the most obvious choice. In this process, you tend to ignore your needs and preferences which means you often select inappropriate options.

Remember, panties protect your intimate areas which means you have to be mindful of the fabric as it directly rubs against your skin and outer clothing. You have to consider the fit, size, and comfort of your panty just like a bra.

Alongside this, panties abide by the norms of modesty and reduce the scope of chaffing or rashes.

Besides, the choice of panties reflects your persona, which means you have to consider your fit, ease, and apparel style. You cannot wear a high-waist panty under low-waist pants.

It is therefore important to consider your panty options while including them in your lingerie collection. Today, we are tapping onto one of the most popular styles - hipster panties.

You will get a better understanding of what these panties are, when to wear them, selecting them as per your body type, and overall how to pick a good pair of hipster panties.

Understanding Hipster Panties

This type of women’s underwear is popular for its low-rise design that rests on your hips comfortably. It offers you more coverage than other underwear along with a youthful fashionable touch.

Hipster panties are designed with a comfortable waistband and offer moderate coverage on the sides and rear. The leg openings have a different cut suitable for the natural hip shape that gives you a comfortable and flattering fit. These panties are available in different prints, fabrics, colors, and sizes that match the preferences of most women.

This particular underwear design has garnered significant acclaim from women for seamlessly combining style and comfort. Making them the most preferred choice for women when they need underwear with the right balance of fashion and functionality. A hipster panty is hence a must-have in your lingerie collection. While there are several brands that you can rely on, Wacoal is one that ensures you the right fit, affordable, durable, and your preferred hipster panty.

How to Pick Different Types Hipster Panty?

This panty style is suitable and comfortable for almost all body types once you pick the right size and store. However, it is important to understand how to purchase hipster panties for different body types.

Here’s a quick guide that can help you to make the right pick as per your body type:

Hipster Panties:

This is Seamless Hipster Panties: If you worry about visible panty lines, then this can be included in your collection. The seamless design eliminates the fear of lines giving you a smooth and refined look. Irrespective of your body shape, this panty style can be worn under your clothing and will give you a fine look.

a diverse and timeless hipster style with a low-rise waist that offers sufficient coverage to your butt. You can pick the size and color of your choice from the Wacoal website.

Cotton Everyday Hipsters:

Cotton hipsters are perfect for everyday wear as they are made from cotton fabric. The breathable fabric is smooth on your skin and suitable for women with sensitive skin. If you are looking for a relaxed and casual fit hipster, then this is your pick.

Lace-Trimmed Hipsters:

Are you someone who enjoys a soft lace touch when it comes to your lingerie? If yes, then this style of hipster can be included in your collection. A lace-trimmed hipster panty can give you a feminine touch while naturally shaping your body. The soft lace can enhance the overall comfort feel and appeal.

Seamless Hipster Panties:

If you worry about visible panty lines, then this can be included in your collection. The seamless design eliminates the fear of lines giving you a smooth and refined look. Irrespective of your body shape, this panty style can be worn under your clothing and will give you a fine look.

Boyshort Hipsters:

This hipster panty style is apt for women with curvier figures as they offer fuller coverage than normal panties. They are suitable for curvier silhouettes for a stylish, comfortable, and sporty look.

High-Cut Leg Hipsters:

These panties are designed with comparatively higher-cut legs than usual panties. They give the impression of visually elongating your legs and are thereby more apt for you if you have a petite or shorter height.

Printed Hipster Panties:

If you are looking for a variety or something new to wear every morning, then these can be included in your collection. Printed hipster panties are available in several colors and patterns that allow you to express your personal style. You can enjoy a playful lingerie feel in this hipster style and is suitable for all body types.

Sheer or Mesh Hipsters:

These panty hipsters are appropriate for all body types with a slightly bold personality. If you want an alluring touch to make a statement, then this is what you need in your collection. This sheer or mesh hipster improves your confidence.

Retro-Inspired Hipsters:

This hipster panty is designed with a high waistline and offers a vintage aesthetic. These retro-inspired hipsters have a unique design that complements your body with a fashionable aura. These hipster panties are designed for all body types.

Tummy-Control Hipsters:

These panties are ideal if you desire additional support around your midsection. They offer much-needed tummy shaping and contour your figure naturally.

With this, you have a significant understanding of the different kinds of hipster panties available to you for your body type. However, it is equally important to consider several other factors to make the right pick.

Here are a few checks to run while picking the right hipster panties:


As these everyday-wear panties can be a part of your daily routine, you should pick a breathable fabric as per your preferences and enjoy its soft luxurious feel.


Wearing the wrong size for a bra or panty can harm your body as it fails to provide much-deserved support. You should therefore check your panty size and pick them accordingly.


Your hipster panty should provide you with comfortable coverage to put you at ease. Pick an option that offers comfort yet coverage.

Style and Cut:

From bikinis to hipster panties, all of them have a different styles and cut. Determine which one fits your personality, body type, and does not cause discomfort.

Elasticity and Flexibility:

A good panty allows you to move around with ease while the band sits comfortably on your waist without digging into your skin.

Seam Placement:

An irregular seam can cause awkward bumps and hence it is important to check the seam placement when you purchase panties. This will allow you to skip visible panty lines.


Just like a band in your bra holds your bust, similarly, your waistband holds your panty and gives you the right support. For instance, a thin band gives minimal support while a wider band offers more sturdy support.

Apart from these, it is equally important to ensure that you purchase from a reliable store to invest in good-quality lingerie.

Hipster Panties at Wacoal Lingerie

At Ease Mid-Waist Hipster Panty:
This is a mid-waist medium coverage panty made of soft fabric. The cotton gusset gives you a luxurious feel while the wide band offers you the required support. The seamless panty with elastic band allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Balancing Act High Waist Hipster Panty:

This is a body-hugging high-waist hipster panty. It is designed with a wide stretchable band that sits fine on your waist without suffocating you or digging into your skin. The finely ribbed and soft fabric allows you to stretch and move around with ease.

Visit the Wacoal lingerie website to check out the latest and best hipster panty collection for your size and other preferences. You can make frequent purchases from the website once you understand the fit and comfort of these panties. Check out the trending panty collection on the Wacoal online store for more information.