Lingerie 101: How to Avoid Panty Lines?

Lingerie 101: How to Avoid Panty Lines?

Picture this; you carefully select a show-stopping outfit and accessories it perfectly. However, the full effect of the look is ruined by something as small and avoidable as panty lines. Unfortunate, isn’t it? However, you can take steps to ensure that pesky panty lines don’t spoil your fashion game. If you want to learn how to hide panty lines no matter what you’re wearing, continue reading.

How to Avoid Underwear Lines?

Here are a few basic tips you can practice in your daily life to avoid panty lines from showing:

  • Fit:

    The most important tip is to always purchase underwear that fits you well. Usually, panty lines tend to appear if you are wearing underwear that is too tight. Tight underwear digs into your skin and creates lines that show up from beneath your clothing. On the other hand, wearing too loose underwear can also cause unsightly panty lines. It can wrinkle and form lumps that become apparent to the eye. Thus, make sure you purchase panties that fit you well, and they will vanish underneath your clothes.

  • Thongs:

    A solution to avoid panty lines? Start wearing thongs! Yes, you heard that right. Thongs are a great alternative to panties, especially since their design means no scope for lines to show through. Plus, they work extremely well if you’re planning on wearing tight clothing. Again, make sure you opt for things that fit you well for maximum comfort. Also, do a squat test to ensure that the thongs aren’t exposed every time you sit.

  • Boyleg:

    Boyleg are popular if you want to avoid panty lines, as they do not cut across your butt cheeks. Plus, they offer more coverage than thongs and help you achieve a more seamless look. These are also great to wear under clothing if you are prone to chafing or sweating between the thighs.

  • Seamless Panties:

    Nowadays, most lingerie brands offer seamless panties designed to help you hide unseemly lines. These panties usually have laser-cut edges that look almost invisible under your clothing. You can choose a wide range of fabrics, cuts, styles and colours to match your taste.

    Now that you know how to hide panty lines, you can dress without a care. To buy women underwear options that disappear beneath your clothes, you can count on Wacoal. Founded in 1946 in Japan, we have helped women across the globe find lingerie perfect for them. If you’re looking for underwear options, visit Wacoal’s website or walk into a store near you.