Lingerie 101: What is a camisole?

Lingerie 101: What is a camisole?

The world of lingerie is not just limited to bras and panties. There are other essentials that every woman must have in her wardrobe, including camisoles and chemises. But what are camisoles, and why should you have them?

Camisoles are sleeveless lingerie for women that look like tank tops but usually with thin spaghetti straps. 

They can be worn under sheer shirts and even kurtas, or they can be worn as is. You can also wear them to sleep. Some camisoles can be worn over a bra, while others feature built-in underwires and padded cups to support your breasts.

Did you know that camisoles were once referred to as a woman’s jacket or dressing gown? This usage gradually faded over time from our vocabulary, and the modern-day camisole is starkly different from the one worn back in the day. 

 What is a chemise?

A chemise is like a camisole, only longer, extending past the bottom of the pelvic region like a dress. They are usually loose-fitting and do not have any buttons or zips, so they are easy to wear and take off.  

Did you know that in the past, around the 18th century, chemises were made for both men and women? Think of them as long vests worn under regular clothes to absorb sweat. Eventually, chemise only came to be worn by women.  

Chemises usually have a round or V-neck. They are made of lightweight fabrics like cotton and nylon. You can wear chemise as underclothes, but they are also ideal for night wear. Wacoal’s chemises are available in sexy and bold designs as well.

Luxury lingerie at Wacoal – our top picks

While a camisole is more practical and utilitarian, chemises offer a more delicate and sensual look. You can shop a variety of gorgeous chemises from our website or visit us in store and take the help of our trained specialists. Here are some of our popular designs that we recommend:


It is a gorgeous chemise available in three colours: blue, pink and black. The lace detailing gives it a delicate yet sexy look. You can pair them with matching panties that are available on our website.


It is available in orange and black. It has a unique back design and a halter neck. Additionally, the cups of this camisole-length chemise are also lacy, which makes it a perfect choice to wear on a night-in with your romantic partner.


It is a comfortable choice for nightwear because it is devoid of any padding and wiring, and is made of really soft fabric. It has a low neckline that gives medium coverage and Havaian floral lace patterns in the back and front.