Discover the Perfect Strapless Solution for Heavy Breasts with Expert Advice

Discover the Perfect Strapless Solution for Heavy Breasts with Expert Advice

Show Off Your Shoulders with Strapless Bras for Large Busts

Are you someone who believes that having a heavy bust means you can’t rock a strapless bra? Or maybe you’re tired of having bra straps ruin your off-shoulder looks. Regardless, today you can find strapless bras for heavy breasts that will not only provide the support you need, but also allow you to bare your shoulders without a care in the world! If you’re not too sure about shopping for strapless bras for heavy breasts, then continue reading to find the perfect one and dress as you please.

Benefits of Wearing Strapless Bras for Heavy Busted Women

If you’re wondering whether wearing an off-shoulder bra for heavy breasts/plus size is a good call or not, here are few benefits it bestows that are sure to convince you:


One of the major points in the favor of strapless bras is that there are no straps that you must bother with. With a strapless bra, you can wear everything from off-shoulder dresses to tube tops without any worries.

No Rashes:

If you have sensitive skin, then strapless bras can serve as a boon. While regular bras can be advantageous, wearing straps for long hours can cause itchiness and leave marks on your skin. A strapless bra can provide support and coverage without causing strain or skin irritation.

Relaxation to Your Bust and Shoulder:

Since strapless bras don’t have straps, they’re the best choice if you’re looking for shoulder and bust relaxation. With strapless bras by your side, you don’t have to deal with pains and aches in your torso anymore!

Removable Straps:

If you’re Looking for additional support but don’t want straps getting in the way, then you can go for a strapless bra with removable straps. The straps are sturdy yet transparent, and can be detached when you don’t feel the need for them.

Relieves Back Pain:

If you’ve been struggling with unexplainable back pain, then a strapless bra might be of help. Strapless bras lift your breasts, allowing your shoulders to relax. In turn, this alleviates muscle strain and can help reduce back pain.

How to Find the Right Strapless Bra for Heavy Breasts

Just like any other bra, purchasing the right strapless bra can be a bit tricky. Here are a few tips to help you find one that is just perfect for you:

  • Make sure to purchase a strapless bra that is of good quality.
  • Find a strapless bra that fits you like a glove.
  • Before buying check to see if a strapless bra has a slide-proof band to help it stay put.
  • Choose a strapless bra that offers ample support.
  • Opt for a strapless bra that has a broader back bank or anti-slip silicone strips.
  • Make sure that there is boning and extra hooks, so you feel secure in your strapless bra.

Now that you have all these tips and tricks at your fingertips, you can find a strapless bra that adds value to your life.

Find the Best Strapless Bras for Large Busts at Wacoal

If you’re looking for strapless bras that are made using premium materials, then Wacoal is the place for you. Established in 1949, in Japan, at Wacoal we have a long-standing legacy of creating accessible and aesthetic lingerie for women across the world. We place heavy emphasis on detail, design, and construction to provide women with lingerie that they can comfortably wear through all their activities.

To help you get started with your strapless bra collection, here are a few recommendations from Wacoal:

Red Carpet Padded Wired Half Coverage Full Support Everyday Comfort Bra in Black: In a classic colour, this bra features bigger cups perfect for those with a heavy bust. Additionally, silicone strips ensure that the bra stays in place and cushioned bands provide ample support.

Halo Lace Non-Padded Wired Half Cup Lace Everyday Comfort Bra: With a comfortable fit, silicone strips for support, and multiple slits for straps, this bra is perfect for those with a heavy bust.

Red Carpet Non-Padded Wired Full Coverage Full Support Everyday Comfort Bra in Beige: The ideal plus size strapless bra, it comes with silicon strips at the edges to keep your bra in place. While the cushioning on the bottom band offers comfort, the structure provides ample support for bigger cup sizes.