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Here’s How to Find the Perfect Strapless Bra for Saggy Breasts

Here’s How to Find the Perfect Strapless Bra for Saggy Breasts

Whether because of pregnancy and nursing or simply a side effect of having a larger bust, saggy breasts can be a hassle to deal with. If you’re looking for a way to uplift saggy breasts and avail yourself of support as you go about your daily life, then strapless bras are here to the rescue.

While you might not think of strapless bras as the solution to managing saggy breasts, they’re more helpful than you might have thought. To learn more about the best strapless bras for big, saggy breasts, continue reading.

Tips for Finding Strapless Bras for Saggy Breasts

If you’re not sure how to shop for one that is perfect for you and meets your requirements, here are some pointers to keep in mind while looking for the best strapless bra for large, saggy breasts:

  • Find the Right Fit:

Knowing your correct size is important while shopping for any bra, including a strapless bra. It is even more essential to have your bra size on lock for women with larger busts. The trick to finding the right strapless bra is the same. Make sure to get your bra size measured correctly. This will help you find a bra with adequate support and avoid quad-breasts, back rolls, and unnecessary pain.

  • Tight is Right:

While it is our natural tendency to associate a loose fit with comfort, a good bra should fit you snugly. The test to check if the strapless bra you’re choosing will be a good fit for you is to push two fingers under the band. If there is room for more, it is too loose for you. Once a strapless bra passes this test, it will support you throughout the day!

  • Balance the Size:

While strapless bras do need to be snug around your frame, you do have to make certain adjustments for the lack of straps. In case the band isn’t enough support, you can go down a size for a tighter fit. While choosing, make sure to pick a bra that is tight enough to offer support but not so tight it causes discomfort.

Armed with these handy tips, you can easily find the perfect strapless bra and give your saggy breasts just the relief they need!

Shop for Strapless Bras of All Kinds at Wacoal

Established in 1949, Wacoal has an impressive legacy of creating lingerie for women that is both aesthetic and accessible. We place a heavy emphasis on construction and design and use only premium materials. With a keen eye for detail, we aim to make lingerie that is a valuable addition to every woman’s collection.

To help you get started, here are a few recommendations for high-quality strapless bras from Wacoal:

Halo Lace Non-Padded Wired Half Cup Lace Everyday Comfort Bra in Beige: Most suitable for those with larger breasts, this bra has silicone lining along the neck to provide ample support. Multiple strap slits allow you to configure the bra is different ways, as per your preference.

Red Carpet Non-Padded Wired Full Coverage Full Support Everyday Comfort Bra in Beige: Made using soft and seamless fabric, this bra features silicone strips along the bottom edges to keep the bra in place. The cushioned bottom band and structure make is a perfect choice for bigger cup sizes.