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Types of Panty Waist Levels Low, Mid and High Waist

Types of Panty Waist Levels Low, Mid and High Waist

What's the first thing you put on and the last thing that you take off? Of course, your panties. Because going commando is just so mainstream!

Panties and underwear now come in all sorts of fashions and styles ensuring breathability and hygiene, with everyday comfort and ease. Let us explore a few low, mid and high-waist panties.

Low-Waist Panties

There is a section of society known for its non-mainstream fashion sense, promoting individuality, authenticity and creativity. Well, this is not about some group of people, we are talking about our favorite hipster panties, otherwise known as low-waist panties. Designed from soft fabrics like cotton, microfiber, or lace, Low-waist panties offer a seamless look under clothing with decent coverage and support giving a modern and flattering fit for various body types. Unlike high-cut underwear, low-waist panties have a lower cut, making them ideal for low-rise jeans, skirts, or shorts. They sit comfortably on the hips while being discreetly hidden beneath the clothing, avoiding any unwanted exposure.

Here are some of the common types of low-waist panties other than hipster panties, worn on different occasions and preferences

Bikini: Whether it's taking a soothing sun bath or a break-free swim, a bikini is a popular choice for any beach trip or outdoor water activity. These bikini low-waist panties sit low on the hips, have a high-cut leg opening and give moderate coverage, helping you lounge comfortably around the pool.

Thong: Thongs have a low-rise waist and minimal rear coverage, with a narrow strip of fabric between the buttocks. They are designed to get rid of visible panty lines and are commonly worn under tight or form-fitting clothing. Thongs come in various styles, including cheeky panties and tanga each offering slightly different coverage, fit, and aesthetic appeal.

G-string: G-strings are known for their minimal coverage consisting of a narrow string waistband and a small triangular or diamond-shaped piece of fabric in the front that covers the groin area. G-strings are often worn in an intimate setting or on any occasion that one wants to make special. Artists like dancers, models and performers around the world also wear G-strings as a part of their costumes or stage attire because of its glamorous appeal.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, low-waist panties are created to offer usefulness and functionality, removing the discomfort often caused due to high-waist panties that can dig into the skin or create visible panty lines. With a cozy yet gentle fit, these panties are the epitome of freedom, comfort and style. 

Mid-Waist Panties

Hitting the sweet spot is like catching a wave at the perfect moment—there's an exhilarating rush of fulfilment as everything falls into place seamlessly. Wearing a mid-waist panty is just like hitting a sweet spot as it sits comfortably right below your natural waistline giving moderate rise and coverage. Designed with classic cotton briefs including sleek microfiber styles for a seamless look under form-fitting clothing, or lace-trimmed options for a touch of elegance, mid-waist panties are ideal for everyday wear to match your every mood and outfit. Whether you're running errands, lounging at home, or tackling a busy day at work, mid-waist panties offer the perfect blend of support and comfort to keep you feeling confident and at ease throughout the day.

Versatility is another key feature of mid-waist panties that includes several types of briefs, mid-waist bikinis, hipsters, cheeky and even boyleg, making them compatible with an expansive range of clothing styles. Unlike low-waist panties that may sneak out from low-rise bottoms or high-waist panties that can create visible lines, mid-waist panties ensure a smooth and flattering silhouette. It's a secure fit like a puzzle piece that seamlessly slots into place, ensuring stability and confidence and giving a sense of empowerment with self-assurance. This indeed has made the mid-waist panties a staple in every woman's lingerie armoires.

Since Mid-waist panties are key to your everyday comfort, it's wise to invest some time to find the best pair for you. Let us help you out!

  1. Know Your Size: To ensure perfect fit and prevent any discomfort, measure your waist and hips
  2. Consider the Fabric: Prioritize your preference, needs and comfort in terms of breathability, durability and fit to choose amongst various materials such as cotton, nylon, silk, or lace.
  3. Check the Elastic: Look for Comfortable stretchy bands that offer ample elasticity without digging into your skin.
  4. Evaluate the Gusset: The gusset is the fabric panel that lines the crotch area which should be wide enough, having reliable coverage to promote hygiene and comfort.
  5. Evaluate Your Lifestyle: Your everyday activities and lifestyles determine the best suitable panties to keep you active and comfortable throughout the day.
  6. Choose the Right Style: Different styles throw different vibes, what matters is that it matches yours. Choose a style, colour & design that complements your body type, promoting confidence with comfort and ease.
  7. Read Reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews online or from other customers to learn about the fit, durability, and overall quality experience of the panties you're considering.

High-Waist Panties

Sometimes, reaching for that extra high brings out the best version of ourselves. An extra high adds that touch of goodness that sets you apart from the rest. High-waist panties are known for their extended rise, sitting above the natural waistline. Unlike definitive panties, which generally rest on or below the hips, high-waist panties offer extra coverage up to the abdomen and lower back. This gentle compression and support can help new mothers during their postpartum recovery.

High-waist panties can be worn on dresses, form-fitting or formal attires or any special occasion especially if you want to go all retro. Its moisture-wicking properties make it a great fit during workouts too. They have a higher waistband that can reach above the navel to several inches above it, depending on the design. While all the above-mentioned panties do come as high-waist panties, a special category known as the body shapers tops the list of high-waist panties.

What should you keep in mind while selecting the right body shaper?

Selecting the right body shaper depends on various factors, including your body type, the area you want to target, the level of compression you desire, and the outfit you plan to wear it with. Here are some tips to help you choose the right body shaper:

  1. Identify your target areas
  2. Consider your body type whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle body shape, and choose a shapewear that complements your natural curves and proportions.
  3. Determine the level of compression
  4. Choose the right style including briefs, shorts, camisoles, bodysuits, and full-body shapers.
  5. Check the sizing chart to ensure you select the correct size because the wrong one can cause discomfort and may not provide the desired shaping effect.
  6. Consider the fabric: Consider body shapers created from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that are not too tight and are comfortable to wear for longer hours.

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear but wearing a nice pair of panties doesn't hurt either. By considering these factors and investing your time in choosing the right underwear, you guarantee yourself a happy, hygienic and relaxed day. Wacoal lingerie provides a wide range of panties that are not just chic but also durable, check out our wide range of panties, because every queen deserves a royal throne.