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Exploring the Array: Various Types of Push-Up Bras Revealed

Exploring the Array: Various Types of Push-Up Bras Revealed

Shopping for Lingerie? Here are the Different Types of Push Up Bras to Choose From

Have you taken the care to get all dressed up only to find your look a bit lackluster? Have you been looking to add a touch of oomph and glamour to your outfits but not sure how to go about it? Enter, the push up bra! While you might have heard of the push up bra, you might not be aware of what exactly it is, and how many types of push up bras are at your disposal. To help you make an informed choice that not only adds value to your lingerie collection but also helps you up your style-quotient, here is a handy guide.

What is a Push Up Bra?

A push up bra, as the name suggests, is a type of bra that helps move your breasts upwards and close to each other. The way a push up bra shifts and repositions your breasts results in the creation of flattering cleavage. Certain push up bras also come with extra padding that goes a long way in shaping your bust to create a pleasing silhouette.

While a push up bra can definitely help elevate your aesthetic appeal, it also has a bunch of practical benefits. When you wear a push up bra, the structure and padding of the garment helps keep your breasts in place and makes you feel more supported and confident.

What are the Types of Push Up Bras to Choose From?

One of the best parts about purchasing a push up bra is how personalized the experience is. The different categories of push up bras are as follows:

  • Level 1 Push Up Bras:

These types of push up bras are designed to give your bust a gentle lift. The upliftment is so subtle that it almost looks natural. This type of push up bra is particularly useful if you have larger breasts and need only a slight boost to create cleavage.

  • Level 2 Push Up Bras:

As you might’ve guessed, this type of push up bra gives your breasts a slightly more effective and visible lift. These bras are created in a way that the padding ends right beneath your nipples. So, it is ideal for women you have a wider gulf between their breasts and need a little help creating cleavage.

  • Level 3 Push Up Bras: 

With this type of push up bra, you can enjoy flattering cleavage even if you have smaller breasts. These bras have padding that creates the illusion of your breasts being two sizes bigger than they actually are. So, you can enjoy a fuller and more rounded look and feel as confident as ever.

Shop for Various Push Up Bra Types at Wacoal

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect push up bra, you can choose from a vast collection at Wacoal. Established in 1949, in Japan, we have a longstanding history of creating lingerie designed to meet the specific needs of women across the globe.

To help you pick the right push up bra, here are a few recommendations from our collection:

Plush Desire Push-Up Padded Wired 3/4th Cup Lacy Bra in Blue: In a vibrant hue, this bra features 3/4th cups with level 1 padding. It also provides ample support with inner mesh on the sides and a comfortable structure.

Ecozen Padded Non-Wired 3/4th Cup T-Shirt Bra in Cream: With 3/4th cups and a neutral colour, this t-shirt bra is perfect for regular wear. While the level 1 padding provides more than adequate support, the smooth fabric creates a seamless finish.