Types of underwear for women

Types of underwear for women

The value of a quality pair of panties cannot be overstated. The appropriate underwear can alter the appearance of your outfit and is also required for hygiene reasons.

Wearing high-quality underwear that prevents moisture build-up will help avoid problems like yeast infections, UTI infections, and chaffing from extended wear.

The types of underwear for women are usually differentiated according to the waistline and the amount of coverage that they give. Wacoal has different types of underwear for women that will revolutionize your lingerie collection.

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Full briefs : 

Among the different types of panties for women in the market, the classic one is the full brief. It provides complete coverage and usually has a secure high-rise waist. It is also the most comfortable option because it is roomy and made of materials like cotton. 

Bikinis : 

If you don't like your waistband all the way up, this style is very comfortable. It sits low on the waist, has thin side bands, and has high-cut legs. Bikini underwear can be worn under anything and everything, but don’t confuse them with swimsuit bikini bottoms.


Hipsters are also a fan-favorite, because they give medium to full coverage and have a comfortable mid waistline. These are also ideal for daily wear. Wacoal highly recommends our Dear Hip hipster collection!


You can get a high, mid, or low waistline for thongs but no coverage at the back. These are ideal If you are wearing outfits where you need to avoid visible panty lines.


Boyleg look like men’s boxer briefs and are as comfortable as full briefs. This type of ladies’ panties doesn’t just give bottom coverage but is long enough to reach the thighs. These can be work to prevent chafing of the thighs and under dresses and skirts as well.

Seamless :

Among the other popular types of underwear for women are seamless panties. They are best for those who do not like wearing thongs but would like to avoid visible panty lines. Seamless panties are available in high, mid, and low waist as well as medium to full coverage. Try Wacoal’s B Smooth panties collection for the best seamless panty experience.

Period panties :

Period panties are a type of ladies’ underwear designed specifically to be worn with sanitary pads or other period collection tools. This style has a urethane resin-blended absorbent pad that will averts period stains on pants. 

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We hope you now have a good idea of the different types of ladies panties. Wacoal carries most of these styles on our website and in our stores.

You can browse our collection online or head to any of stores and seek assistance from our specially trained consultants on which type of panty suits your needs the best.