Valentine Lingerie: Wacoal's Top Picks for the Special Day

Valentine Lingerie: Wacoal's Top Picks for the Special Day

The month of February is special and often referred to as the month of love. With Valentine’s Day falling in this month, couples make special plans to express their love to their partners in different ways, to strengthen the exceptional bond between two individuals.

It is a special day dedicated to love and people who acknowledge and appreciate their love for each another. Couples go on candlelight dinners, exchange special gifts, and love anecdotes. This day is a reflection of the love between them, to rekindle their romance, and strengthen their bond for the coming years.

Wacoal lingerie is a great source to make this day extra special. Your choice of lingerie will add some spice to your day. A fancy bra or camisole can add a touch of intimacy or break the mundane routine by giving it a pleasurable vibe.

You can make your Valentine’s Day memorable with the right kind of lingerie that matches your partner’s expectations and style. This enhances your appeal and brings a boost of confidence for a beautiful day.

You have the liberty to pick the bra of your favorite fabric and color to evoke romance. With the season of love, you can set the mood with the right lingerie, scented candles, soft lighting, and a romantic playlist for the evening.

Appreciate each moment and plan to create a memorable and sensual experience for Valentine’s Day. Remember, the purpose of this lingerie is to bring intimacy between you and your partner.

Here are a few ways through which you can pick your lingerie for Valentine’s Day and set a perfect mood for the evening:

Elegant Lace Set:

You can visit the Wacoal lingerie store online to browse through a wide variety of lace bra and panty sets from red to black colors. Lace has been considered to add a touch of appeal and sophistication with an evergreen look. If you are looking for an elegant romantic look, then lace could be your best pick for Valentine’s Day.

Chemise and Camisole:

A chemise or camisole can add a playful and flattering touch to your evening. In case you want to add a lively touch, then pick a camisole for your Valentine’s Day. Today, camisoles are available in different fabrics and styles that are comfortable to make your day special. For instance, a silk or satin camisole can give you a luxurious look.

Role-Play Lingerie:

If you and your partner want to add more spice to your life, then role-play lingerie can be a great alternative. You can fantasize about your look and pair it with the right lingerie to make your day all the more exciting. You can have a different look for every year as it breaks the monotony.


A modern and elegant bodysuit offers you an alluring and flawless look for your Valentine’s Day evening. You can pick from lace, and mesh to fancy cutouts to entice your partner. A good quality bodysuit gives you a natural silhouette to enhance your curves. These can be worn during the day and night. For instance, a lace bodysuit can be worn under a fancy dress to add a comfortable layer and shape your outline.


This is a fashionable accessory that supports your busts securely. Corsets can provide you with a seamless hourglass figure, and they help you to walk in the right posture. This accessory strengthens your posture and does not leave you tired at the end of the day. An interesting fact about corsets is that they are designed for dual purposes which means that they can be worn under your apparel and also be styled with your outerwear.

Matching Bra-Panty Set from Wacoal Lingerie:

A good set can make your evening sexier, more fun, and more comfortable than you realize. A bra-panty set from Wacoal can be good company on your Valentine’s Day as it provides you the ease to take initiative and be confident with your approach. You can pick a set based on your choice, mood, and theme for the day. This matching set is just not restricted to your wedding day, instead can be worn on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

Know Your Partner’s Style:

Your comfort and style are important when it comes to your lingerie, however, on a special occasion like Valentine's Day it is equally essential to prioritize your partner’s expectations. Make sure that you know their desires and try to pick a bra or set that matches your comfort and their expectations. This will set the right mood for your evening and you won’t unknowingly disappoint them. You can set a theme or color to make your pick easier.

Strappy and Sheer Styles:

Strappy and sheer fabrics are a good pick if you want to spice your Valentine’s Day. This style is fancy enough while leaving enough room for the imagination for your partner. Therefore, make your lingerie choices based on your preferences and mood for Valentine’s Day.

A Mystery Touch:

For a more playful and comfortable evening, wear a bra that gives a sneak peek to your partner yet not revealing much. This way, you still have more to explore through the night. A soft lace fabric can be alluring yet give a sensuous touch to your mystery. This bra could flaunt your cleavage yet cover your bust to the fullest giving you an extra boost of confidence.


Garters, fancy robes, and stockings can be a good accessory for your post-dinner celebrations on Valentine’s Day. These accessories can be an add-on to boost your confidence and a secret to a thrilling night ahead. Pick your accessory based on your lingerie and your vibe for the evening.

Prioritize Your Comfort:

There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day is a special day for you as a couple. However, it is important to prioritize your comfort and wear lingerie that relaxes you rather than be conscious of yourself. Comfortable lingerie can make your day, Hence, make sure that you do not go overboard with something too fancy or try something that’s not you. Pick your lingerie for Valentine’s Day based on your comfort, fit, and persona.

Try Different Colors and Fabrics:

You have to be mindful with your lingerie experiments on Valentine’s Day but there is no need to be a plain Jane. One way to charge up your day is to play around with fabrics and colors. For instance, pick a bra in a different color and fabric that you or your partner desired for a long time. Shades of red, black, and pink are likely to give you a more sensuous look, while fabrics such as lace, silk, or satin can be more appealing for this day. Take your pick based on your comfort, theme, and your desires as a couple.

It is important to feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie. Besides, talking with your partner can guide you to make the right lingerie decisions for Valentine’s Day. This communication helps you to combine your comfort with their expectations and enjoy an exciting Valentine’s Day together.

Wacoal Lingerie Collection for Women

Embrace Lace Non-Wired Non-Padded Bralette:

This is a 3/4th cup bralette with a deep neckline suitable for your fancy tops, dresses, and gowns for Valentine’s Day. The soft lace combined with a floral design and double-layered cups give your bust a beautiful shape. Wearing the right size of this bra can give you an elegant silhouette and make your Valentine’s Day more exciting.

Gaia Collection Non-Wired Padded Bralette:

This is a 3/4th coverage bridal wear bra specifically designed for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and wedding day. The soft lace and its smooth fabric enhance your confidence while the neckline gives a glimpse of your flawless cleavage to offer a close-together look.

Browse through the Wacoal website to pick the right bra for your Valentine’s Day. You can explore the wide variety of the bra collection to pick sets that fit your theme for the day and match them with a set of panties. Simultaneously, you can pick comfortable and fancy bras to include in your bra collection.