What are the benefits of a sports bra?

What are the benefits of a sports bra?

People associate sports bras with exercise; however, several medical professionals and experts advise wearing one even when you're not working out.

What is a sports bra?

A sports bra is a bra designed to support the breasts while you exercise. There are many benefits of a sports bra, the most important one being that they reduce discomfort by minimizing breast movement. Sports bras are also usually more durable than standard bras and helps reduce any pain and discomfort to the breasts during heavy-duty exercising.
Additionally, there are sports bras with additional cushioning for activities that could cause breast injuries. Some of these activities include Zumba, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, and sports like football and volleyball.

What are the advantages of wearing a sports bra?

  • No discomfort during exercise: 

  • This is the biggest benefit of wearing a sports bra. Your regular bra will support your breast tissue and allow you to engage in activities like walking. Still, you won't experience the same comfort if you wear it to the gym. Even low-impact activities like yoga, stretching, or jogging can seem uncomfortable in a standard bra. 
  • Protection against breast pain:

  • Jogging, running, and intense workouts like interval training and weightlifting can cause wear and tear to the breast tissue. Sports bras are sturdy enough to prevent pain and soreness in the tissue by holding the breasts in place. Breasts don't have any muscle tissue but sit atop the pectoral muscles. So, support from the sports bra is needed.
  • Give full coverage:

  • Another benefit of wearing a sports bra is that it snugly fits the breast tissue and keeps it in place. But it also gives each breast complete coverage, which means no spillage. Sports bras also help even out the bustline and are a great choice for people with bigger breasts.
  • Made of sweat-absorbent material:

  • Nowadays, most sports bras are made of stretchable materials like Lycra. Wacoal’s quick-drying and sweat-absorbent fabrics will keep sweat from pooling in your bra and causing skin irritation.
  • Stylish design:

  • Most sports bras have subtle and modest designs, which can be ideal for everyday wear as well. Wacoal’s sports bras are also fashionable enough to be worn standalone while exercising. Pair them with matching leggings for the ultimate workout outfit.
  • Versatile:

  • Another key benefit of sports bras is that they can be used for everyday wear because they minimize breast size, even out the bust line and are generally more comfortable. They also have broader straps, which give more support, especially to larger busts. Sports bras are great under kurtas and t shirts if you are looking for that extra support.

How to select the perfect sports bra?

Here are Wacoal’s pro tips on selecting the right sports bra for you.


Size is the most critical consideration when selecting a bra. The ideal sports bra should snugly fit your bust, for a comfortable workout without spilling out or jiggling. Smaller bras will make you feel constricted. Too big a bra won't provide much support or bounce protection.


Choose quick-drying materials for your bras when working out. Sports bras from Wacoal's Motion Wear line, made with sweat-absorbent materials, offer UV protection and prevents any skin irritation.

Impact support:

Ideally, the type of sports bra you need should be determined by the intensity of your workouts. You can easily shop Wacoal’s website for sports bras created specifically for medium- and high-intensity activities.


The shoulder straps are an essential component of a sports bra as they play as much of a role in supporting the breasts as the padding. Wider straps even out the weight of the breasts over a larger area and are usually more comfortable to wear. Look for broader straps in your sports bra if you have a larger chest.

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This sports bra is for breasts of all shapes and sizes. No matter how intense your workout is, this bra will minimize your breast movement. It also has a mesh back to keep your skin cool.