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What are the different types of bra cups?

What are the different types of bra cups?

Buying a bra is no easy feat. Besides knowing your bra size – which can change periodically – you need to know which bra styles work for you, your needs, and the types of bra cups you want.

So, let’s have a look at all the popular types of bra cups available at Wacoal:

Full cups

As the name suggests, this type of bra cup offers full coverage and is the most modest design in our catalogue. Full cups are suitable for breasts of all shapes and sizes but will benefit curvy girls and large breasts the best. Usually, a full-cup bra also has broad, adjustable straps and a wide band for that extra support.

Half cup

Also known as the “demi cup” (demi meaning half in French), a half cup gives coverage to the bottom half of the breasts, while still enhancing the natural cleavage. 

Usually, half cups end an inch above the nipples. Bras with this style of cups can go with any outfit, but they are ideal for low necklines.

Half-cup bras usually come with underwires, and sturdy and wide adjustable straps, so there is enough support and lift to the breasts.

Balconette cup

The balconette cup’s primary feature is to bring the illusion of fullness to the breast. This type of cup is suitable for small breasts, teardrop-shaped breasts, and round breasts.

Like the demi/half cup, the balconette also provides half coverage to the breasts. However, the cups have a straight neckline as opposed to a half cup. Hence, the cleavage is slightly more modest as compared to a half cup.

Padded cup

This style of bra cup is usually lined with foam, silicone, or rubber. This padding aims to lift the breast tissue upward and give a larger and more defined appearance.

Usually, padded cups have varying levels that cater to different sizes of breasts and different needs.

Push-up bras also have padded cups, but the padding is heftier than usual to boost the cleavage. The padding is usually stitched inside the lining of the cup, but they are removable too. For instance, sports bras typically come with removable padded cups.

Padded cups are recommended for smaller breasts – like an A or B cup – but that does not mean bigger-breasted women cannot wear them.

Minimizer cup

Minimizer cups are attached to minimizer bras, which are used to give the bust a compact and smaller appearance.

Usually, minimizer cups help spread out the breast tissue over a larger area, thus giving the bust a smaller and more even look.

They are useful for women who experience gaps and bunching while wearing button-down tops or body-hugging outfits. Wacoal’s minimizer cups are made of smooth, soft, and stretchable material for ease of wear.