What is the Smallest Bra Size You Can Purchase?

What is the Smallest Bra Size You Can  Purchase?

Whether you love them or not, bras have become a necessity in today’s day and age. And with good reason.

The right bra can help you prevent sagging or discomfort associated with your breasts.

The key to making the most out of a bra is finding one that fits exactly right. When it comes to sizing for bras, things can get tricky.

All women have different breasts and finding a bra that fits your distinct size and shape can be a bit challenging. This is especially true if you are on the petite side and have a smaller bust.

To learn more about the smallest bra size available, continue reading.

How to Find the Smallest Bra Size in India?

When look for a bra in the smallest size, there is a common misconception that an A cup is the only option. However, this is not true, and you can find various cup sizes if you have a smaller bust.

For instance, you can opt for bras that come in an AA cup size. Certain brands are even more inclusive and offer bras in AAA cup size too.

Cup size is not enough

Do note that while you are looking to purchase bras it is not enough to only look at cup sizes. In fact, when it comes to bras, the cup size alone will not help you find one that fits you perfectly.

Know your band size

You also must consider the band size. The band size refers to the length of the band that wraps around your torso in inches.

So, when you look at a bra and the size is 34A, the numbers represent the band size, and the alphabet is indicative of the cup size.

If you are looking for the smallest cup size bra, ensure that the band size aligns with your proportion.

If you opt for a bra sized 36A, while the cup size may be right for your body, the band may be too big to fit you. 

The smallest bra size that you can find is

Keeping the band and cup size in mind, the smallest bra size that you can find is 28AA. This bra size is widely available and is offered by various brands. At Wacoal, the smallest bra size is, however, 32 A.

While shopping, check if the brand you are considering offers this size. If not, you can ask for assistance to find another size that might fit you well.

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