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Non Wired Bras

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Are you sick of your bra’s underwire digging into your flesh?

Do you want to avoid underwire indents and red marks around your torso? Then a wireless bra should be your prime choice of innerwear.

No fuss, only comfort

Bras are essential because they support your breast tissue and help retain its natural shape. They also help avoid excessive breast movement when you’re on the go.

But they don’t always have to be padded and with an underwire. Non-wired bras will give you the support you need while providing you with the comfort you crave.

Features of wire-free bras

Explore non-wired bras at Wacoal

A non-wired bra style is practical and cute. Wacoal recommends:

You can browse through our extensive catalogue to buy a non-wired bra online or pop into our stores to consult with our trained executives.

Our goal at Wacoal is to help women worldwide feel beautiful with the right fit, style, and size of lingerie. We combine top-quality materials with technical innovation and world-class talent to create comfortable and chic bras, pantiesdaywear, and shapewear for women.