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Discover bra online from Wacoal

A bra is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, because it offers all day comfort and support to the bust. Whether you’re at home running errands, at work, or working out, a good quality ladies bra can make or break your day. The kind of bra you need will depend on your body type and lifestyle, so make sure you’re shopping from a luxury lingerie brand like Wacoal. Our collection of bras for women promises you shape, support, and style. From out seamless t-shirt bras to our supportive wired and padded sports bras, you can buy bras of all shapes and sizes on our website.

Founded in 1946 in Japan, we at Wacoal have just one goal – to make women all over the world embrace and express their beauty. That’s why we offer a multitude of different types of bras for women, from sports bras and push up bras to different types of seamless bras and strapless bras. With every piece of Wacoal’s lingerie, you will be able to see and experience our top-quality materials with our technological innovation, which is inspired by and cultivated in Japan.

Types of bras that every woman needs

Wacoal offers a multitude of different bras for you to choose from, each one serving a functional and necessary purpose. Stock your wardrobe with these undergarment essentials from our collection and ready yourself to step out with confidence. Here are some of the types of bras that you can find at Wacoal - Strapless bra: This style of women bra is perfect for you if you like to wear sleeveless clothing, off the shoulder tops, or even tube dresses and tops. At Wacoal, our strapless bras come in different designs and with the versatile add-on of detachable straps. You can go for a wired and non-padded option that offers full coverage, or you can go for a subtle and sexy half cup or seamless option. Our strapless ladies bras also come in a lace variant; in case your outfit allows you to show off your bra.

Push up bras: For a little bit of lift and support, stock your wardrobe with a luxurious strapless bra for ladies. There is a common misconception that push up bras are only good for people with smaller breasts who want to make their breasts look fuller, but that is definitely not the case. Many people with larger busts also prefer push up bras to give their bust a more shapely and lifted appearance. Not only this but push up bras are also great for women with wide-set breasts. Our size chart makes it easy to find the right style and fit for your body

T-shirt bras: This style of bra is perfect for daily wear, be it to work, around the house, or even while travelling. Not only does Wacoal offer traditional t-shirt bras that give your bust a secure and seamless appearance, but we also offer our own range of Everyday Comfort bras that offer a snug fit and comfy support. Our everyday comfort bras are available in almost every design variant, from padded and wired to non-padded and non-padded options.

Sports bras: Do you play sports or exercise regularly? Then a sports bra for ladies is a must for you. Wacoal offers sports bras for different physical intensities and impact support. If you engage in activities like yoga and pilates, a medium intensity sports bra might be the right pick for you. As for more vigorous sports like running or playing football, where your breasts are likely to bounce a lot, go for a high intensity sports bra that holds your bust in place and prevents them from moving or sagging.

What to look for when bra online shopping

Size: Make sure you refer to our size chart when shopping our website for bras. A bra that is too small for you will feel uncomfortable and cumbersome, while a bra that’s too big will not hold your breasts in place and offer the support you need.

Function: Before you buy bras online from Wacoal, think about the purpose of that bra. If you need a  bra specifically for workouts and other strenuous activities, then a sports bra is a sensible choice. But if you need a bra to wear under a tube top or a sleeveless dress, then go for a strapless bra.

Why Wacoal’s online lingerie is the right pick for you

Our goal at Wacoal is to help women all over the world feel beautiful with the right fit, style, and size of lingerie. We combine top quality materials with technical innovation and world-class talent to create comfortable and chic underwear for women. Wacoal was founded in 1946 in Japan and made its way to India in December 2015. We have been changing the lives of women all over the world in efforts to create comfortable and supportive lingerie for women.

FAQs on Bras

Which type of bra is suitable for wearing daily?

All of Wacoal’s women bras are fit for everyday wear, especially our Everyday Comfort collection. You can choose your daily wear bra based on your comfort and preference. Some women prefer to wear a simple t-shirt bra as they go about their day, while others might prefer a sports bra because of the extra support and impact protection. If you prefer wearing clothes that are fitted to your body, consider a seamless bra or a non-padded lace bra from Wacoal.

Which type of bra is the best?

The best type of bra for you is subjective, it depends on your body shape and preference. For example, if you need a bra that will lift your breasts up and contour your bust, a push up bra might be the best fit for you. But if you are heavier chested and looking for a bra to wear under kurtis and workwear, a minimiser bra with full coverage is the way to go. You can also shop bras for everyday wear from Wacoal, from our lace bras to our t-shirt bras.

Which bra is best for perfect shape?

For close-set breasts, go for a wired bra that has moulded cups and a high centre gore. The term gore refers to the part of the bra that sits between the breasts. For example, the Retro Chic non-padded full coverage full support bra from Wacoal will offer separation and lift to your breasts. As for wide set breasts, go for a full cup bra with side boning or a thicker band to offer extra shaping and support.

How to get the perfect bra size?

Put on a non-padded bra that is comfortable and fits you well. Take a measuring tape and first measure your underbust - the area underneath your breasts where the band of your bra will go. Then measure your bust size by putting your measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. This is usually around where your nipples are. Note down these measurements and compare them to Wacoal’s size chart when choosing bras from our catalogue.

How to pick the best bra?

It is important to wear the right kind of bra so that you are comfortable and supported throughout the day. A good tip when it comes to picking the best bra for you is paying attention to your breast shape. While any type of bra will suit rounded full breasts, people whose breasts are heavier on the bottom should go for non-padded bras that have an underwire for support. People with conical breasts can go for half cup bras from Wacoal as they will show off their cleavage while still offering lift and support.